Zig Dauphine





Noteable Traits
Zig is normally in raggedy jeans and a hoodie without a shirt underneath. he has short dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. His fair skin is as of yet unmarred.

Mother: Theresa "Mama" Dauphine (GW Kin)
Father: Tobias Dauphine (Fostern Ahroun GW)
Brother: Adrian Dauphine
Ex-Mate: Sarah Beauregarde aka "Tex" or "Seraph"
Son: Ezekiel Beauregarde Dauphine aka "Zeke" or "Z"
Ex-Girlfriend: Bailey Simons

*"Have you seen that Disney movie, Cinderella? Where she sings that song? 'So this is love…'? Yeah. It's kind of like that. He kind of makes me feel like a fairy princess. I didn't think that happened in real life…" - Bailey

Zig: I don't deserve you
Bailey: I'm yours, as long as you want me.
Zig: But…I don't deserve you.
Bailey: Well, I think you do.
Zig: Why?
Bailey: Because you make me smile and you make me feel safe and you love me, in spite of all of my flaws and all of my problems. And you might think you deserve some horrible woman who will make your life miserable - but you don't. You deserve to be happy. Our lives are short and violent…be happy, while you can…All I ask is that you are always completely honest with me…and that you do what you have to do to find some measure of happiness.
Zig: You make me happy.


  • Zig has built a robot that looks exactly like himself, and he uses that to interact with people daily.
  • Zig is actually gay, despite his penchant for pretty women.
  • Zig is a womanizer that will say anything to get laid.
  • Zig, under all the obnoxious exterior, is actually a good guy.
  • Zig will in no way play "daddy" when his former mate wants to be with someone else.
  • Zig is a little off lately.

"The Last Three Letters" - Alesana

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