Zeke Dauphine


Player: Alyssa Fain (NPC Child of PC)


  • Ezekiel Beauregarde Dauphine
  • Zeke
  • "Little Man" (mostly by Sarah)
  • "Little Z" (by Zig)
  • "Z" (by Zig)
  • "Big Guy" (by Nicole)
  • "Mighty Piggy Warrior" (by RedFangs)

Creature Type: Garou Kinfolk

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Glasswalker

Born: June 21, 2008 (Galliard moon)

Titles: Cutest Kid Ever


Basic Description:
Zeke is an adorable little boy of going on one and a half years old who is usually with Sarah Beauregarde. He has bright red hair and blue eyes like his mama but also has some features like Zig Dauphine. He takes a stuffed piggy everywhere with him.


  • Thomas Jefferson Beauregarde III. & Narcissus May Beauregarde
    • Grandparents (Sarah's side)
    • Kinfolk of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • From a wealthy family that made money in the railroads
  • Thomas Jefferson Beauregarde IV. aka "Bubba" aka "Bogie"
    • Uncle (Sarah's side)
    • Long Wait Long Kill, Kills from a Mile, Fostern Ahroun of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • Sarah's older brother by 10 years
    • Bailey Simons
      • Aunt (via being Bogie's mate)
      • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
    • Sidney & Addison
      • His adopted cousins (via Bailey Simons)
      • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
  • Sarah Isabelle Beauregarde aka "Mamma"
    • Mother
    • Kinfolk of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • Calvin Baer
      • Sarah's boyfriend since shortly after Zig took off.
      • Bonesnap, Jormungandr's Bane, Homid Fostern Ahroun of the Glasswalker Tribe.
      • Calvin has really taken to Zeke and Zeke calls him "Dada Kal".
  • Zig Aurelius Dauphine
    • Zeke's father and Sarah's ex-mate and longtime boyfriend
    • Hides Behind Seven Proxies, Cliath Ragabash of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • Well known as a dumbass
    • Zig was tainted by the weaver abandoned his family before being killed.
    • Tobias & Theresa Dauphine
      • Grandparents (via Zig's parents)
      • Tobias is a Fostern Ahroun of the Glasswalker Tribe
      • Theresa is a Kinfolk of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • Adrian Dauphine
      • Uncle (via Zig's brother)
  • Piggie (often called a "doggie")
    • Bestest friend
    • Stuffed piggy that goes everywhere with Zeke
    • Given to Zeke by Zig

Honorary Family

  • Nicole
    • Honorary Aunt
    • Kinfolk to the Fianna Tribe

Common Knowledge

  • Zeke loves the stuffed piggy his daddy gave him and wants to bring it everywhere.
  • Zeke loves the word doggy and calls many many things and people doggies.


  • Zeke knows everything isn't a "doggie" but he likes messing with people.


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  • "Doggie!"
  • "I swear, he is the cutest kid I've ever seen. Well, at least we know Zig's done at least one thing right…" ~ Bailey
  • "He's just an adorable little boy and a joy to be around. I love Babysitting him." ~ Nicole

The Zeke Lexicon

Zeke's Word Meaning
Ad..sss Addison (Bailey's baby)
Angss Red Fangs
Ank..ooo thank you
Baba Bubba aka Bogie
Ba..E Bailey
big big
big! really big; someone Cal's size
Bzzzzzz It is time to play airplane.
Dada Daddy
Dada Kal Calvin Bear
Doggie almost anything with fur; a shifter, especially Taki
IhzzE Izzy (Bogie's name for Sarah)
Kal Calvin Baer
Mama Mommy (Sarah)
Mmm..sa Marissa (the clone sister with purple hair)
Nn..ole Nicole
Piggie Piggie, his stuffed pig; almost anything else
Piggies Bailey's twins
Si..E Sidney (Bailey's baby)
Si..ON Siobhan
Zeke! Zeke

IC Contact Info

  • Ask his mama.


  • "This Little Piggy"
  • "Rubber Ducky" ~ Ernie from Sesame Street

OOC Information

Player: Alyssa Fain

Time Zone: Central

Location: Central Illinois

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: alyssa.ooc.troupe @ gmail.com
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    • This is the best way to be sure I get a message and remember it.
  • IRC: Alyssa_OOC
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