Yuri Potemkin

Name Yuri Potemkin

Looking around a little as he was dressed in a wonderful 3 piece Aramni suit, the pale skin and long features showing well in his features as he walked in. Only issue was that he was 5ft tall. His hair was slicked back as a smooth coal black, with silver streak running through it on the side of his head. A few pens in his pockets but his suit looked about like he was worth a million. Red silk tie, went well against the grey italian silk suit. A pair of cufflinks with the sign of a family crest on it. He had a little smell of Lavender and such around. Having a short look of being about 22 years old. (Silver Fang Pure Breed 4, 5 app Traits)

Tribe Silver Fang Kinfolk
Breed Human

Notable Traits
Soothing Voice, Friendly Face.
Pure breed 4


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