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Xian Fei

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Notable Traits

He is a slender, beautiful looking young man of Middle-Eastern descent, with an either plaited or loose thigh length black hair and brown eyes. He is 6’ 4”, wearing a loose travellers robe draped loosely over his toned frame, wears a blue ribbon on his right arm and has a thin white scar across his throat. He rarely looks anyone in the eye, and always seems to be slightly afraid of people. He is Mute, and communicates primarily through American Sign Language or by writing on a pad of paper for those who don't understand. He uses Mind Speech for when communication is vital or exceptionally difficult. He is exceptionally shy, and is almost always humble and polite. He also has very prominant Stargazer Purebreed.


Little Bears Blessed (Skyhawk, Talin, Jamie Wolf, Bethany Minds the Gap and Daniella)

Information known to the Nation

*He is not a member of the Nation, hailing instead from the Courts of the Emerald Mother or the Eastern Beast Courts as they are known.

*He has some form of Empathic Link with the Kinfolk Elena Masterson. This has been both a help and a hinderance, as they can feel what the other is feeling, including pain.

*Xian occasionally either gets called away or goes back on his own accord to the East on mysterious errends.

*Xian has given combat training to many in the Sept, including April, Cassidy, Lily and Minds the Gap. He has never turned anyone away for training.

*He has a Mentor, known previously to the Nation as Naked Vision before she left, now known as Nuo Lien. She was an Elder Theurge when she left.

*Xian is superb classic painter, his skill possibly being that of a master. One piece of his work decorates one entire wall of the meeting-hall in Leaping Stag.

Kin / family

*Elena Masterson - His significant other, with whom he shares an Empathic Link

*April Masterson - The adoptive mother of Elena, and his good friend.

Rites and Challenges

None that the Nation knows about.


Xian occasionally refers to his reasons to being here as a "great riddle". He clearly has some deep purpose to stay here in Nation lands, but it's entirely possible even he doesn't know all the reasons why.


*The very rare occasions that Xian has come close to losing his temper have been terrifying in their intensity.

*He is said to know many secrets of the Beast Courts, giving him unknown and unquantifiable power.

*He apparently once sparred with Talin, the Eldest Ahroun of the Sept, and won.

*Simei Tei has some connection to Xian Fei, and is rumoured to have attempted to kill him.

Quotes - A word from the rest of the Sept (Add your characters thoughts on him, thats what it's here for!)

  • "He and I are worlds apart and just the same." - Talin, Elder Ahroun of the Wendigo.
  • "Xian, in all his shyness, has taught me to have the confidence that lets me be athro. He is a friend, a teacher, and his smile says all the words he never will." - Bethany Minds-the-Gap, Athro Theurge of the Children of Gaia
  • "My family have shown him a sign of their favour. This means he is a very dangerous man." - Simae Tei
  • "Xian and April kept me sane when I barely knew what santity was. I didn't even ask. We are never apart, and it isn't creepy… it's wonderful." - Elena


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