Name: Wren

Deed Name: "Bear's Little Brother"

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Auspice: Arouhn

Rank: Cliath

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits: Huge Size, Fair Glabro

Pack: Working on it, but he hangs out with Mule.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family: None

Rites and Challenges: Once did Rite of Contrition to Bear, earning him the deed name "Bear's Little Brother"

== Rumors ==
Wren was raised thinking he was a metis.
Wren did his rite of passage at a Get of Fenris sept in the Appalachians.
Wren walked across America.

Daniel - Elton John
Arms Wide Open - Creed
Let it Be - The Beatles
Simple Man - Lynard Skynard
The Boxer - Simon and Garfunkle

==OOC Information==

Player: Rick Starkweather

Location: Peoria, IL

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