Name: Winters Rage (also answers to Winter, especially when on two legs)

Tribe: Children of Gaia

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Fostern

Breed: Lupus

Notable Traits:CoG5, 4app (cute x2, magnetic x2), mark of the predator.
When inside the dining hall, Winters Rage is usually found in homid. She is a 5', petite but muscular girl around 13 or 14, with dusky skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. She wears blue jeans and a red sweater, no shoes. She walks with a predatory grace, and seems older and wiser than her age. She somehow manages to look scary, adorable, and reassuring at the same time.

Any time she's outside, she is in lupus, and looks to be about a 4 year old wolf, light grey and light brown in color, with alert eyes. Despite a bouncy and somewhat predatory appearance, something about her is reassuring and calming.

==Information known to the Nation==
Member of Seekers of Unity, to Luna
General of Sky's Hope (translation: Warleader at The Menagerie)

Kin / family
She has had 2 litters. In her first litter, she already has 2 pups who've shifted (they don't exist yet, if you'd like to play a young, high pb, CoG lupus, let me know). The second is too young to have shifted yet.

Rites and Challenges

~Winter was part of the caern raising at the sept of St. Mary's

== Rumors ==
~Her pups (including the cubs) are at another sept with more lupus, being trained by a red talon denparent, or cared for by a lupus pack.
~She's not the stereotypical tree-hugging Child of Gaia, any more than she's a hulk-smash kind of ahroun. She responds to most things with a wisdom born of experience and simplicity, and while she wants the shifters to all get along, she finds honorable challenge a perfectly acceptable way to deal with disputes, and she's all for beating the crap out of the wyrm.

== Quotes ==
~"She was willing to sit and watch the kinfolk and wake us up every hour one night…even after I yelled at her. Three times. She always has a smile and a kind word. I'd like to get to know her better, one of these days…" Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer kin


==OOC Information==

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