VSS and Setting

Leaping Stag is set near the small fictional village/town of Serenity, west of the real city of Cantwell in Alaska. There was formerly a sept on this location known as Northern Lights. Serenity is a kin settlement, based on oil, research and support industries. The caern itself is within walking distance of Serenity. A meeting hall of stone and wood is built in a large clearing. The caern heart itself is underground, reached only through a passage down a set of steps within the meeting hall. The caern totem is Stag, and the caern is one of Calm. (+3 wp to resist frenzy only). The sept has a reputation as one of healing, fostered by the presence of a powerful bear spirit.

Some of the key places in game are:
The Meeting Hall
The Bawn
The Caern Heart
The Pond
The kin town of Serenity
With Sabinas Clinic
The underground Tunnels
The Hall of Heros

Sept History can be found here.

There is also a second sept in the city of Anchorage, the Menagerie of Sky's Hope

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There are several other NPC septs within the game.

Black Fury Sept: this sept is strongly wyld and little is known of it outside the Black Fury tribe. Occupants include Grace, an elder theurge.

Wyld Sept: this sept was overrun by the wyld and later claimed by… something Gaian. No-one quite knows who or what but it is well-defended.

Chimera Sept: little is known of this caern which can only be found at greatest need and seems guarded only by ancestor spirits.

Four Hills - alpha Star, recently reclaimed from the wyrm. Caern of Sacrifice, Totem Tears of Gaia.

Anchorage Sept: Now gone.

Crimson Moonlight - southern Alaska, a hard-line, metis-hating sept.

Watches the Ocean - a coastal sept in the far north-west.

Hidden Secrets- New sept that was once a hive and been taken and turned to Gaia being built up curently

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Creation is as Laws of the Wild / Laws of the Hunt + 30xp and 5 lores.
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