The tunnels have a number of locations:

The old sept lies entirely as a tunnel complex, being painstakingly explored and mapped by a number of people. There are seven carved stones holding a binding, two entrances (one original, one accidental) and three more sealed off entrances. This complex of tunnels and chambers are complex and extensive, and no-one is meant to explore them alone. There is one chamber of particular significance, the largest of them all, with a ritual circle carved into its stone floor. Above it, set into the ceiling, is what looks like an active pathstone. This room feels always cold. It also feels like a caern heart itself - though the resonance is not quite the same as the feeling of deep calm. For those using maps, this room lies immediately below the modern sept's caern heart.

Bathing Pools and slides are accessible by a tunnel leading away from the lodge to the underground heated pools of what appears to be old bathing area of the previous sept. There a water slides into the cooler pools, hot spring pools for those of healing need, bathing pools for cleaning. All provided by the underground water currents running through the sept lands. There is a geyser that shoots up into the bawn.

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