Thomas Beauregarde


Player: Ryan


  • Captain Thomas Jefferson Beauregarde IV.
  • "Bogie"
  • "Bubba"

Deed Names:

  • Long Wait Long Kill
  • Kills from a Mile
  • Purity of Vision

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Glasswalker

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Adren

Born: March 10, 1982

Titles: <Enter title>


Homid Description:
He is a man of about 6'2' with a well built body that has no sign of fat, just hard ripped muscle. His skin has the dark tan of a person who is outside a lot. His hair is recently shaved with only stubble showing. He wears a well pressed pair of BDU's and has a large duffle bag over one shoulder.

Crinos Description:

Lupus Description:

Everyday Outfit:

Battle Gear:


  • Thomas Jefferson Beauregarde III. & Narcissus May Beauregarde
    • His parents
    • Kinfolk of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • From a wealthy family that made money in the railroads
  • Bailey Simons
    • Bailey is his mate
    • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
  • Sidney & Addison
    • His adopted daughters via Bailey Simons
    • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.

Common Knowledge

  • Bogie is Sarah's big brother who just got out of the Army and came to find her.
  • Bogie is a shameless flirt though always respectful of a lady.
  • Bogie spends a great deal of time with Bailey and they are now mates


  • Bogie came to shoot Zig.
  • Bogie came to kick Zig in the nuts.
  • He only pretends to be an asshole so he doesn't lose his Man Card.
  • Both Lucky and Zig are out to get him.


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  • "If his boy parts are touching your girl parts and he aint claiming you I am cutting them off him ~ have a nice night" ~ Bogie in a text message to Sarah when her and Zig are in a hotel room
  • "Well does it fix male erection problems?" ~ Bogie on the mystic tree in the meeting hall
  • "Well, when he first showed up, I was pretty much terrified that he was going to shoot Zig in the head. And then me. But once I got over the Army Boy facade…yeah, I'm not worried about him hurting me. Even if he loves to make me blush…" ~ Bailey
  • "I'm gonna shove my foot up his ass." ~ Lucky and Zig, at different times.
  • "run little boy run fast and hard I am coming for you and hell is coming with me" ~ text message from Sarah's phone to Zig
  • "Glasswalker is good we have cookies hot kin and weavertech" ~ Bogie to Cal about changing tribes

IC Contact Info

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OOC Information

Player: Ryan Norris

Time Zone: Eastern

Location: Ohio

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: thekidstealth @
    • Please list LS - Bogie in the beginning of the subject line.
    • This is the best way to be sure I get a message and remember it.
  • IRC: Ryan_ooc


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