Name Tribe Rank Breed Notes
Arashi Cliath Lupus
Bethany Minds the Gap Child of Gaia Athro Metis Gatekeeper, Assistant Keeper of the Land
Bloody Handed Eagle Get of Fenris Adren Homid Master of Challenge
Eyes of Rust and Steel Shadow Lord Fostern Homid
Graciella Donovan, Future's Hope Child of Gaia Cliath Homid Doctor
Joe SIlent Strider Cliath Homid
Kayyla Uktena Adren Metis Beta
Keiran Galen Get of Fenris Adren Metis NPC
Leah Berry Child of Gaia Cliath Metis NPC
Lily Burnett Bone Gnawer Cliath Homid
Sings the Hidden Songs Uktena Fostern Metis
Supria Shivale Stargazer Fostern Homid
Thera Get of Fenris Fostern Homid
Tobias ? Athro Homid Master of the Rite, Eldest Theurge
Undaunted in Cloudy Skies Fianna Adren Homid NPC
Katerina Mischkov Silver Fang Fostern Homid Eldest Silver Fang

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