The Forge


IRC Channel:


IC Location:

In a separate building behind the Meeting Hall

Master of the Forge:

Brynja Halldorsdottir

Kin to the Get of Fenris


Who Works at the Forge?

  • Brynja Halldorsdottir
    • Brynja is a phenomenally good smith. She got the forge up and running in 2008 and has maintained it since. She can and does do just about everything. Brynja spends most of her time making weapons and armor. She does custom work as well as building up her own armory which she gives out to those who she sees as worthy who have a need. She has her own tools besides those for general use and keeps an area in the corner for her leather work which is nearly as impressive as her metal. She sometimes teaches others in exchange for work done around the forge or some other favor. Brynja is working nearly everyday.
  • Calvin Baer
    • Calvin is a fairly good smith and one of Brynja's students. He is helping her with repairs and helped her with adding on an insulated room to the side of the forge so that Brynja can keep her child there safely while she works. He is around fairly often. His work area is near to Brynja's on the right side of the forge.
  • Mitrianna
    • Mitrianna is a begining student of Brynja's who is around fairly often.
  • Seamus Gabha
    • Seamus is a somewhat famous silver smith. The front left table is reserved for him.
  • Simae (NPC) (No Longer Around)
    • Simae is a smith of similar standard to Brynja (i.e. phenomenally good). She focusses as a rule on small blades, in a variety of styles from different cultures. She is very polite, quite formal, and both leaves no mess of her own and will offer to assist Brynja in the upkeep of the place. She's actually there fairly often and has her own tools. She sometimes brings Average Joe, the theurge cub, to the forge to teach him.
  • Talin (NPC) (No Longer Around)
    • Talin is a more stereotypical smith, and his work is mainly repair work or work to do with building construction rather than crafting weapons. He is more commonly found doing carpentry.
  • Minds the Gap (NPC)
    • Minds sometimes comes to work with Simae or very occasionally alone or with Talin. She works on small athemae (ritual blades) or vessels for Spirit Knives.
  • Anne Stormchaser (NPC)
    • Anne comes rarely, to do repair work. She has a very very fine set of axes.

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