Name Talin Napayshni, Matoska, Beyond the Firelight, Fights Alone, Walks Lonely Trails, Stands before Friends, Bows Before Wendigo.

Tribe Wendigo

Auspice Ahroun

Rank Elder

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
Talin is a tall man, strong and powerful though not overly bulky. He has a long tail of dark hair and intense dark eyes. He wears sturdy outdoor clothing, except on formal occasions when he may wear beaded buckskin shirts. Often grim and terse, even cold, he can show a more relaxed side amongst friends. He walks with a very slight limp, particularly when it is cold and wet.

In lupus he is a heavyset grey-brown wolf with deep amber eyes and a great neck ruff of fur over his shoulders. His right hind hip and thigh are deeply scarred, as is his chest.

Pack Little Bears Blessed (beta)

==Information known to the Nation==
Talin formerly led another pack, of whom only he and Dreams of Fire survived. They included Lauren Laughs at Darkness.
Talin was formerly alpha of Leaping Stag, after Reign and before Jamie Wolf.

Kin / family
April is his wife, he has a natural daughter Marion and an adopted daughter Elena Masterson
He has sworn to take responsibility for Nahimana and the children of James Fairbairn.

Rites and Chalenges


"Talin has a fair amount of impartial disregard for the majority of people, but in defence of what he cares about has has unquestioning, uncaring ferocity." - Xian Fei

"Y'know, on the one hand he's a grouchy humourless bastard, and on the other hand he's a cheerful family man. How's that work?" - James Fairbairn

"He's welcomed me here with open arms, even after telling him what I was running from. When he told me no one will take me back without a fight, I believe him. I hope it doesn't come to that, but I feel safer knowing that I have his support." Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer Kin

== Rumors ==
He was once betrothed to Nahimana.
He has angered his own tribal totem, but made amends before gaining the rank of Elder.
He has defied human tribal elders but is now respected amongst them.
He has only frenzied once since attaining the rank of Adren, upon hearing of the supposed death of his wife.
He took Bethany Minds the Gap forcibly from Crimson Moonlight.
His former pack died at the hands of a thunderwyrm and he has a deadly hatred of thunderwyrms.
He loved one of his former packmates and held her as she died.
He is dangerously allergic to anaesthetics and sedatives.
He can call down thunderstorms without angering Grandfather Thunder.


==OOC Information==

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