Anecdotes and stories from Leaping Stag.

Daniel's rendition of the Rite of Passage

Brynja smiles "I am really starting to get excited about Ragnar being out here [born] soon and you being his daddy"
Helmar grins widely and nods "I am to.. Im really going to enjoy it.."
Brynja looks up at Helmar smiling wide
Brynja: Not something you expected when you came here
Helmar shakes his head and smiles at her "no.. not at all.."
Brynja: I did not expect it either….. this has been a very good surprise
Helmar smiles warmly and gives a nod and kisses her neck tenderly and then whispering softly "It has been.. Im very happy for it"
Brynja sighs happily and speaks very softly "I never really thought about Fenris taking much of an interest personally, but I think someone might have thought we would be good together"
Brynja: .. and I don't worry about teaching Ragnar well, he has an excellent roll model for a father now"
Helmar smiles warmly to her "I think you might be right.. I never thought of his taking a personal interest either.. usually.. Im not sure if he does.. but perhaps on the occasion.. if he sees that it will make us stronger.."
Helmar: And Im glad to offer myself for that..
Brynja smiles wide

* Tom_Frankner smiles and goes to get a shopping cart and waves you over to get in
* Dakota hops ninja style into the basket and pulls her hoody up over her mouth and nose humming the Mission Impossible theme
* Tom_Frankner sucks my lips in trying not to laugh as I go in
* Tom_Frankner in best chinese voice 1So…ninja master..where is num num for little ones?
<Dakota> sources indicate the subject known as Eggs is located down the back wall near the milk, often seen with Butter. There you will also find others in his group, Orange Juice and his cousin Apple Juice. Bacon was last seen by the deli section amoungst the cold cuts. While Bread defected to the Bakery on the other side. Jelly has been tracked down Aisle three and may take some time to hunt down. This message will self destruct in 30 seconds
<Tom_Frankner> then we better hurry…no exploding kids are allowed at this time a day in this zoning…..*Shoves the cart fast down to aisle three* Quick while the jelly is not looking…ninja strike out cold…
* Dakota leans out of the cart enough to yank up Strawberry jelly
<Dakota> Target secured!
* Tom_Frankner nods and grunts as I shove off fast down the aisle to the back of the store and spot the back items* I think there are to many for you to take on all by yourself…we must split like an apple cut but the finest blade…
* Dakota turns to nod to him and jumps out of the cart. She squeezes against the wall and shimmies over to the OJ section, peeking around before nabbing up a few jugs. She still hums the MI theme song and moves shadow to shadow until she gets back to the cart
* Tom_Frankner silently and jumps from aisle end to the next till I get to the eggs and milk, while snagging the butter to pop it up and hand in my arms and rushes back to the cart to places it in and then looks around to see if anyone spoted us
* Dakota gently drops in the juice and stands on the front of the cart giving him the OK sign
* Tom_Frankner nods and waits for you to get in so we can move to the deli to have you flying palms strike the bacon on out way to the haven of the warlord of bakery items of nummy goodness
* Dakota jumps off the cart as they near the deli section and slides on her knees. She peeks over the side and quick as can be she grabs up several packages, making her way over with a few corny rolling manuevers. She dumps those in as well and hangs on to the side like a rodeo stunt rider
* Tom_Frankner speeds across the store to the deli and stops when it's in sight* We must becareful…the warlord has many allies that will get in our way…I speak the deadly Ninja master who is only known by the name of the Jelly Filled Donut, with his legion of chocolate armored cupcakes at his disposal, makes him dangerous, but the warlord is far more deadly..he has the all powerful cake attack….
<Dakota> Then we shall take a few hostages, infiltrate his palace and take him in his sleep. there will be casualties, but Give no Quarter! The sprinkles must be released!
* Tom_Frankner in my best chinese voice* Wise plan of attack but…*Drops my jaw as I look over and start to shake as the color drains from my face with a look of pure and utter fear spread all over me
* Dakota looks in the direction Tom's looking at
* Mike_Donivan is now known as Dunkin_Donuts
<Tom_Frankner> Reinforcement have arived…..Warriors of the 13 level of hell, have raised up to help the warlord…for they come prepared with shiny wrapers that can deflect all attacks to them, and they ride upon the great backs of the bitter sour crystal worms of 9 3/4 realm of sugar…we are DOOM!!!
<Dakota> Oh Noes! What do we do?
* Dakota puts her hands up to her face and feigns shock and terror
<Tom_Frankner> We must do what we have to do…the kids the food….I will suriface my life to take on the reinforcements…that should give you time to get the bread so the kids can eat…it's the only way..I will die with honor amoung those of the once powerful jaded army of the rolls that master the art of pizza to defend their way of life…I will live on…go…for the childern!
* Dakota stands up straight, frowning in a serious way and raises her fist to her heart. She bows her head sharply and respectfully.
<Dakota> Go, with honor, FOr the children!
* Dakota raises her fist and turns, darting through the racks of breads and sweets, dodging imaginary arrows, spears and bullets as she snags two loaves, tucks them under her arms and skitteres back to the cart
* Tom_Frankner copies you and nods, while I take a tear down my cheek. I kneel low and keep and eye on the enemy as stalk to it silently and puts my hands to the top of my head to be like rabbit ears as a distraction to the horde as I get closer
* Dakota makes the round up and extract sign with her hand then gives the thumbs up. She tosses the bread into the basket and mock throws an imaginenary grenade. She doesn't raise her voice too loud but pretends she's yelling over a distance" FIRE IN THE HOLE! GET TO DA CHOPPA!"
* Tom_Frankner notices the sign as I attack to make them worry about what is really going, and pulling my hand back with dozens of the bitter sour crystal worms to slow them down, and getting back to D and looks back to them doing my best terminator voice* I'll be back!!! *and nods my head to the check out to D and grabs the cart to head up
* Dakota leaps onto and grabs the front of the cart riding it to the check out line. She hops off and stands up straight, quiet and well behaved while they are getting the food rang up.

06[19:29] * Trin is completly relaxed and when the rat moves she puts her hand back on her knee palm up
03[19:29] * AhrimanDiego is now known as BlackRat
06[19:30] * BlackRat crawled up her shirt and around then up her braid onto the top of her head as he sniffed around a little
06[19:34] * BlackRat curlced a little and then sat up on her head, and seemed to try and take the pose again
06[19:35] * Trin does not move but seems more calm and relaxed then she did when she came back in
06[19:36] * Adorable_GilaMonster just rest on the warm ground, his tongue flicker out from time to time
06[19:36] * BlackRat sniffed more and moved, srambling down off her head and down onto her shirt, resting on her chest as feeling around for thing and shoving some crumbs and such before dipping into her shirt to search
06[19:37] * Trin takes a deep breath and squeeks and wiggles her eyes shooting open
06[19:38] * Adorable_GilaMonster pause at the strange sound breaking to peaceful silent and look around ready for combat with a hiss and a bareing of sharp tiny teeth
06[19:38] * BlackRat wiggles his feet searching round more as he hooked claws into the shirt and slipped down in farther, the tail flipping around out fo the cllar as if still searching.
15[19:38] <Trin> eeeek
06[19:39] * Trin pulls her shirt off along with her bra in one smooth motion taking the rat with them and puts them on the floor
06[19:40] * Adorable_GilaMonster pause and slowly move to the shirt…the shirt less women the least intresting thing as he flick his tongue
06[19:40] * BlackRat rumbles around int eh shirt and pops his head out sniffing around then sniffs up toward trin and chitters, balling the shirt and bra up around him.
06[19:40] * Trin crosses her arms over her chest "what was that for?"
06[19:41] * BlackRat chittered something up toward her, and wiggled a bit as started to work the shirt and such, seeming to get it ready to move or something.
15[19:41] <Trin> and i want those back you cant have them they are my only deticated clothing
06[19:41] * Adorable_GilaMonster look as he was about to bite the head of the rat then pause and stare at him then seem to hiss and shifted back Homid
03[19:41] * Adorable_GilaMonster is now known as RedFangs
06[19:42] * RedFangs watch them, really not sure what to do about this
06[19:42] * BlackRat moved out, tugging the bra out of the shirt and scrmblied back in the shirt, rolling around in it.
15[19:42] <Trin> oh come on now what are you looking for
06[19:42] * Trin wiggles keeping her hands over her breasts
06[19:44] * RedFangs pause and glance over at Trin confuse. "…if you are cold, you could just rub them, it what I do when my arms is cold." He stand up and reach down to grab Trin shirt
15[19:44] <Trin> cold no not cold trying to keep my decancy
06[19:44] * BlackRat kept on squeeing as seeing fang move in and rolls with the shirt, trying to get his feet under himself to scramble away under a couch with it.
06[19:46] * RedFangs blink and what the shirt goes under the couch then look at Trin. "…Decancy? Well what ever that is, if you need something to cover your chest to keep it I will fetch one of the coats until I can get your shirt back." He run to the mud room to find a jacket or coat to help Trin hold in her Decancy
06[19:46] * Trin takes the coat and covers her self
06[19:47] * BlackRat took the moment to scramble away under the couch some, watching the movenets from where he was befor ebolding with teh shirt tied around his neck like a cape as he made for Trins back pack, trying to crawl up into it with the shirt.
06[19:48] * RedFangs look to the couch then try to lift it up…he grunt and sigh as he not strong enough…after a moment he smile and look ready to shift but stop as he notice the rat run for the backpack
06[19:49] * RedFangs walk over to the backpack to grab for the shirt
06[19:49] * Trin drops the coat and moves for the rat trying to grab him as well as her shirt
06[19:52] * BlackRat scrambles into the bag, pulling more of it down in, as there could be heard chitering and squeeking in the bag
06[19:53] * RedFangs pause in mid grab so not to slam into Trin chest face first as he stop and step back as he watch her grab for the shirt that going down her bag
06[19:54] * Trin tugs the shirt Give this back if you want a shirt you can have one thats not deticated I NEED this
06[19:55] * BlackRat holding onto the shirt and blinks a few times waiting for her to tug and letting go as he stays in her back rummaging around
06[19:56] * RedFangs pause and watch this…not sure when a Mokole going to have another memory to share of a topless women Garou haveing a tug a war with a ratkin for her shirt ever again….
06[19:57] * Trin takes her shirt and scrambles for her bra and puts it and her shirt back on
06[19:57] * BlackRat almost as if hearing on a que.. Let out a high pitch squee, and the bag shook a bit, as the squeeking and chittering was happily
06[19:58] * Trin blinks and turns
15[19:58] <Trin> Oh sweets spirits no
06[19:58] * Trin dives for her bag and starts pulling things out trying to get to the rat
06[19:58] * RedFangs blink and watch Trin then look back at the bag at the ratkin made a cry that maybe what rats sound like if they have orgasim…
15[19:59] <Trin> I gave you something already and hey careful it could explode
06[19:59] * BlackRat was easily at teh bototm of the bag, and when pulled out he had a detonator wrapped aorund his paws, while his tail was holding some wires wrapped aroudn it, squeeking up at her.
06[20:00] * Trin holds up the rat

06[21:19] * BlackRat blinked and nuzzled around as he let his tail flop over and tap at Makui's ear a bit
06[21:20] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] her ear twitches and she paws at it with her hind paw
06[21:23] * Trin chuckles
15[21:23] <Trin> just stay out of my clothing and we wont have any problems
06[21:25] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] perks her ears
06[21:28] * BlackRat squeeks a bit, flopping his tail back and forth as if taunting Makuyi some
06[21:31] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] sneezes
06[21:33] * BlackRat jumps a teh sneeze and starts scrambling up the front of Trin's shirt again
06[21:33] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] paws at her nose, then noses the Rat
06[21:35] * Trin gasps
15[21:35] <Trin> HEY
06[21:39] * Trin tries to get the rat out of her shirt
[21:39] <Makuyi[Wendigopb4]> L> He is having fun…
15[21:43] <Trin> fun in my shirt
06[21:44] * endures-the-rage laughs
15[21:44] <Trin> last time i striped out of my shirt
[21:45] <Makuyi[Wendigopb4]> L> Rats can be very mischevious…*chuffs*
15[21:45] <Trin> so it seem
06[21:46] * BlackRat was half hanging but was turned aaround so it was his top half out of the neck line and chittering alsmot in a sing song taunt at Makuyi
06[21:49] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] chuffs and paws lightly at the rat, so as not to scratch Trin
15[21:51] <Trin> would you like him back?
06[21:51] * BlackRat ducks back in the shirt abit when the hands wre made to get the rat out, but not falling to far back, batting his paw back , <R> "HA HA! The magic of the padded shields protects me!"
06[21:51] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] chuffs
[21:51] <Makuyi[Wendigopb4]> L> If he bothers you…
06[21:52] * Trin reaches into her shirt to fish him out "i'm not use to any one being around my breasts like this its a bit odd"
06[21:52] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] snorts and paws at her face
[21:52] <Makuyi[Wendigopb4]> L> Two leggers and modesty…
06[21:53] * BlackRat blinks seeing the hand and slides in the shirt, trying ot scramble down more but getting caught up with the bra and chittering <R> "GAH!! THE DISCS! THEY GOT ME!"
06[21:53] * endures-the-rage falls over laughing
06[21:54] * Trin pulls the rat out of her shirt
06[21:54] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] blinks and waits for him
06[21:55] * BlackRat comes up, holding on the bra still, refusing to come out, <R> "NO!! the disces will protect!"
06[21:55] * Trin uses her other hand to pry him loose
06[21:56] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] lolls out her tongue, they can tell she's amused
15[21:56] <Trin> come on let go no fighting
03[21:57] * Daniella (moc.loa.tpi.70532-md|laW.neelaJ#moc.loa.tpi.70532-md|laW.neelaJ) has joined #meeting-hall
03[21:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Daniella
06[21:57] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] watches Trin amusedly
06[21:57] * @Daniella steps out of her office yawning softly, and heads to the main room
06[21:57] * Trin tugs the rat again trying to get him out from under her shirt trying to pry his little fingers loose as she sits under the tree
06[21:58] * @Daniella blinks
15[21:58] <Trin> come on I dont need you in my shirt again
06[21:58] * Makuyi[Wendigopb4] pants, obviously laughing
15[21:59] <Trin> No man has been near my breasts and twice you have been on them between them ad holding on to them come on let go of the bra
06[21:59] * BlackRat wiggled holding on as suddenly lets go of the bra and snaps around curling around Trins hand, <R> "wait what?"
[21:59] <Makuyi[Wendigopb4]> L> He looks confused
15[22:00] <Trin> no man has been near my breasts and you little rat have been down my shirt twice and seen me topless
06[22:00] * @Daniella stalks over to Trin and reaches a hand calmly into her shirt, grabbing the rat
[22:00] <@Daniella> excuse me Trin
06[22:00] * Trin holds her hand out with the rat to Makuyi
06[22:01] * Trin blinks
15[22:01] <Trin> WOW
15[22:01] <Trin> no woman ither
06[22:01] * @Daniella winks
06[22:01] * Trin looks at Daniella
06[22:01] * @Daniella looks at the rat after extracting it
[22:01] <@Daniella> now, what are you doing in the shirts of my sept members?

06[10:42] * AhrimanDiego dressed in the bagg shirt, and pants, a back pack on and circular shades as he tapped after her, "whats could be for food food?"
15[10:43] <Trin> I was thinking waffles with creamcheese filling and syrup and maybe some bacon
06[10:43] * AhrimanDiego blinked, and tried to keep up some, "okays.. sounds good"
06[10:44] * Daniel_ meanders down the stairs, smiling reassuringly at Mary-Lou. In the middle of his next step, his face contorts with pain and he buckles over, clutching his chest, missing the step and barreling down the rest of the stairs.
06[10:45] * Trin stops in the kitchen door way and blinks turning back
06[10:45] * Mary-Louise half-smiles back, walking just behind Daniel. When he falls, she lunges forwards to try and catch him, and very nearly falls down the steps on top of him.
15[10:46] <Trin> what in the name of the spirits……
[10:46] <Mary-Louise> Daniel!
06[10:46] * Trin puts Ahriman hand on the door frame and moves towards Daniel and Mary-Louise quickly
06[10:47] * Daniel_ lies at the bottom of the stairs gasping, his face twisted in pain
06[10:47] * AhrimanDiego motion was still to fast and bumped against the door frame, Groaning as his forehead connected with it.. "ow"
06[10:47] * Mary-Louise stumbles to a halt beside him, crouching down at once and touching Daniel's shoulder anxiously.
06[10:47] * Trin kneels next to Daniel and grabs his wrist and checks his pulse
06[10:48] * Daniel_ is for reference, a short lad, late teens, sandy mussed up hair that obscures his mismatched green and hazel eyes. Dressed casually. PB Fianna 1
06[10:49] * AhrimanDiego tilts his head around chitteringa bit, "whats is wrong?"
06[10:49] * Mary-Louise has mousy-brown hair, and large luminous olive eyes, which seem too big for her narrow little face. She's somewhere between sixteen and eighteen, with a young but basically womanly figure bundled into jeans and a large baggy sweater. She hides her hands up the sleeves of it.
06[10:50] * Trin tries to see whats wrong with him "hey girly stop freaking out go find a doc or a theurge"
06[10:51] * Mary-Louise looks up at Trin for a moment, then turns to bolt back up the stairs, taking them two at a time in her search.
06[10:51] * Trin looks down at Daniel and takes his pulse
15[10:52] <Trin> hey you a shifter kido?
06[10:52] * AhrimanDiego starts to tap away starting head away, "What is.. what is.. Is Seer.. "
15[10:52] <Trin> some one seems to be having heart issues Ahriman
15[10:52] <Trin> took a spill down the stairs
06[10:53] * AhrimanDiego grumbled and dropped his staff, patting across the stairs as he moved toward the sound, and stopped as he patted daniel's cheek and sighs, putting both hands on his arm, "right.. can do this.."
[10:53] <Daniel_> "Ahhh…." He winces. "Ragabash."
06[10:54] * Trin looks down at Daniel "your a ragabash?…" her eyes narrow… "is this some sort of joke?"
06[10:54] * Daniel_ winces "I wish…"
06[10:55] * AhrimanDiego propped hismelf on his feet and put a hand in the middle of daniels back and other on his head, "hold still.. " He dropped his head as he wiggled, starrting to chitter and squeek at a rather fast pace.
06[10:56] * Trin watches Daniel holding his wrist keeping an eye on his heartrate
03[10:58] * Eyes_Of_Rust_And_Steel (moc.sulplartnectb.071-68egnar.57091-md|oomonsemaJ#moc.sulplartnectb.071-68egnar.57091-md|oomonsemaJ) has joined #meeting-hall
06[10:58] * Trin just waits holding Daniels wrist at the bottom of the stairs
06[10:59] * AhrimanDiego keps on chittering and squeezes his hands on daniel then baps his hand on his head, "BE HEALED!""
06[10:59] * Trin blinks at Ahriman
06[11:00] * Eyes_Of_Rust_And_Steel slips quietly into the hall, glancing about with his red-pink eyes, his expression blank.
06[11:00] * Daniel_ gasps in a large breath and untenses
06[11:00] * Eyes_Of_Rust_And_Steel is a thin, willowy young albino man, standing about 6’ 3” with long, loose shoulder length hair. He wears very light coloured clothing, usually pale blue jeans and a white t-shirt. (Shadow Lord PBx1)
06[11:00] * Trin looks at Daniel "what happened?"
[11:01] <Daniel_> "Pain. Lots of pain at exactly the wrong moment."
06[11:01] * Daniel_ hauls himself up so he's sitting on the floor
15[11:01] <Trin> your pulse was very fast do you have heart problems?
06[11:02] * AhrimanDiego stays still and chitters, rocking slowly (afk for a bit
[11:02] <Daniel_> "Not as far as I know."
[11:02] <Daniel_> "And Garou tend not to get sick."

[01:56] <Valgard> Your duty to help is grand…most notible…but don't shove it down peoples throats
[01:57] * Sabina_S smiles softly and looks at Valgard
[01:59] * Valgard sips my beer
[01:59] <Sabina_S> I shove nothing I ask if i am not satisfied with an answer i keep asking until i am and those who evade answers are normaly not to be trusted and normaly when some one says its handled things go badly especialy when it comes to medical but seince as you have put it is a family thing and you have a family doctor coming to handle it then i am satisfied
[01:59] <Valgard> That's shoving
[01:59] <Valgard> Or being pushy when an answer is given
[02:00] * Sabina_S just smiles
[02:00] <Sabina_S> if you say so but a blessing on you may your life be uneventful and you find peace in your sleep
[02:00] * Sabina_S looks at Garrett
[02:01] <Sabina_S> the sword is yours bring honor to it and for your bride my mothers wedding ring
[02:01] * Brynja raises an eyebrow
[02:02] * Sabina_S pulls her hand away from her skirt and sets a gold band with a single dimond in it next to Garrett and smiles softly then turns and heads out of the hall
[02:02] * Garrett_Elliot smiles "Thank you"
[02:02] * Parts: Sabina_S (||r_annaeliL)
[02:03] * Brynja smirks looking up at Valgard "And I thought you had people skills"
[02:03] <Valgard> Ja..she needs to get laid more
[02:03] * Brynja laughs
[02:04] <Brynja> Is that what keeps you so calm?
[02:05] <Valgard> me?
[02:05] <Valgard> JA!!!
[02:05] * Valgard nods vigorously

[00:49] * Valgard pokes Bryn
[00:49] * Brynja leans back against Valgard sipping her milk.. then jumps a lit
[00:49] <Brynja> Hey.. what was that for?
[00:49] * Treanna smiles
[00:49] <Valgard> You say make cow skin for my pointy
[00:50] * Brynja cracks up
[00:50] * Andrea[CoG2] snickers softly, turning fully away from Valgard and Brynja.
[00:50] * Valgard makes sword swinging movemtns
[00:50] <Valgard> Pointy
[00:51] * Connor[Fia1] refrains from spitting coffee out his nose.
[00:51] <Brynja> I think you shouldn't be talking about your pointy in public dear
[00:51] * Makuyi[L] chuffs and paws gently yet playfully at Andrea
[00:51] <Valgard> Why?
[00:51] * Valgard tilts my head
[00:51] * Brynja smirks with a wink
[00:51] <Valgard> Pointy goes into bad things
[00:51] * Connor[Fia1] sputters, coffee shooting, luckily, towards the ground.
[00:51] <Wren[HS]> Wren not get why laughing.
[00:52] * Andrea[CoG2] loses it, giggling loudly.
[00:52] * Connor[Fia1] sets his mug down and covers his face, cracking up wildly.
[00:52] * Treanna can't help but laugh
[00:52] * Brynja places his other hand on her belly
[00:54] <Brynja> I think they can guess one place it has been with some certainty

(Running-Bear[Wendigo3]) "So, we'll avoid those places and walk elsewhere. We can go down to the lake, maybe take a lunch?"
Tom_Frankner silently chuckles as I finish my carrot
@Karen blinks
@Karen rubs at the back of her neck
(@Karen) not right now…my meds havent fully kicked in…as much as I would like to help out someone new
(Running-Bear[Wendigo3]) "It doesn't have to be now. Maybe some other time."
(@Karen) perhaps…..though winter is comeing
(Running-Bear[Wendigo3]) "We can go ice skating on the lake when it freezes, then. Winter only means that things get cold."
Tom_Frankner jerks and covers my mouth a bit as if to cough
@Karen tilts her head
(@Karen) are you trying to ask me on a date?
Tom_Frankner lays back down on the couch putting my hands on my belt again
(Running-Bear[Wendigo3]) "Just asking for some company as I see this new place where I am forced to stay for now. I have not even learned who leads the hunts, yet."
(Running-Bear[Wendigo3]) "Nor have I met your family's eldest member."
(Running-Bear[Wendigo3]) "But, that doesn't mean we can't get to know a bit about each other."
(@Karen) what does Alysen have to do with anything?
@Karen looks confused
Tom_Frankner manages to just watch
(@Karen) hunting…Talin… to Talin about hunting…
@Karen grabs her glass and takes a long drink from it
(Running-Bear[Wendigo3]) "It would be rude of me to court you without their permission."
@Karen sighs
(@Karen) Alysen lives in Michigan
(@Karen) with her husband
(@Karen) who happens to be a fenrir
Tom_Frankner gets up and goes into the kitchen or a bit
(@Karen) so he claims me as fenrir kin
(@Karen) my sister Gwynneth is married to Peacemaker
(@Karen) who is an Adren of the glasswalkers….or is it Athro….
@Karen looks thoughtful
(Tom_Frankner comes back out and smiles sweetly and walks over to Karen and RB
(Tom_Frankner) Pardon me Karen
(@Karen) what is it Tom?
(Tom_Frankner) Running Bear you said it is?
Running-Bear[Wendigo3] looks at Tom. "Yes?"
Tom_Frankner shoves but not damage an small object into RB's chest so he can catch it You'd have better luck with that then what your trying……
Tom_Frankner starts to head out
Running-Bear[Wendigo3] looks at the item
Tom_Frankner walks out the front door as you see a jar of KY

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