Name Skyhawk Grave's Wisdom, Weaves Accord, Daughter and Medicine woman of the Sioux nation, formerly Kickingbird

Tribe Uktena

Auspice Philodox

Rank Fostern

Breed Homid

Notable Traits

Skyhawk is often in traditional native american dress. Upon her cheek is a white unique scar shared by her pack mates. Upon her chest is a horrible puckered white scar directly above her heart.

Pack Little Bears Blessed: Pack Alpha

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family Daughter: Whitedove, Mate: Raven
Adopted son: Garrett Elliott
Adopted daughter: April
Grandaughter: Elena

Rites and Challenges

Cliath: While the elders and warriors of the sioux nation left for a grand council, Kickingbird was left to watch the children of the nation with the women folk. Her mate tainted by the wyrm came upon village bringing his evil with him. Kickingbird, evacuated the children and womenfolk to the nearby caves and defended the future of the nation from her mate.

Fighting him to mortal wounding she slew her mate as he slew her. The elders returned and revived Kickingbird declaring her cliath for her deeds however they banished her from the village to search for the healing she truly needed. She carried the bane residing in her mate in her own heart continually traveling for the place of healing.

Fostern: Skyhawk supervising Garret and Silvermoon their Rite of passage. Setting them the task, judging their actions and merit.

Adren: On current quest…


  • Protector of Xian Fei and Elena from a sacred reoccurance of tragedy
  • Renew the anicent ways of the sept

*Safeguard the honoured heros fallen in the previous sept underneath Leaping Stag and safeguarding Leaping Stag from the Restless dead.

*Protect the sept from the haunted spirits in the main lodge

== Rumors ==

Skyhawk is a weaver of repute

Skyhawk is known to the local natives as the Snow Mother, coming to them in winter from no where, Minds is known as a Snow Maiden, Garret as the Spring Turtle

She is Magic Lady to the children and much glowered upon by Jade Fairbairn

Skyhawk not only located Nightsky in the wilds but brought her to the Sept.

Skyhawk informed the Sept Alpha Jamie Wolf that she needed permission to do something that would violate the litany but safe the sept. In doing so she saved the sept and the life of nightsky

The elders of sept run for their lives when Skyhawk is in a happy mood.

Skyhawk is a new life in the sept but the tale of her old life lies buried in the cearn heart.

Skyhawk is the reason why her packmates have white markings or scars and why James Fairbairn has a white streak

Do not anger Skyhawk for any curse she speaks comes true.


==OOC Information==

Player Kat Haslock


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