~Skye Doucette~

Often referred to as "Last Hope" by some spirits.

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Cubling

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits:

Two things are obvious when one first lays eyes upon Skye. The first is the strong, though not pure, native blood that is her heritage. Her hair is a medium brown, and her eyes are a light brown with flecks of blue near the middle to make them interesting to look at. Her high cheekbones and bonestructure tell the tale of her Mi'kmaq heritage, though her flesh is a little more europen in tones with a tendency to both tan easier, and to look tanned even in the middle of winter.

The second thing easily noticed is a sense of unusual or other-worldliness about her. Not alien, but spirit-worldliness. Some wind spirits tend to get a little excited when she is present; and those inclined to tend to notice or think about them more readily when Skye is around. Those who can pick up on it can smell the scent of spirits on her that is her own. Almost like she's … something a little different.

Skye is 17, going on 18, probably a year left of Highschool before graduation. She is slender, and seems almost slender and light enough to float away on the breeze if she'd put her mind to it. Of course this is ridiculous, people can't really blow away, but it is an image easily associated with Skye by those who know her. Not in a scary sense, but in a floaty airy way of floating off on the breeze.

Pack: None as of yet.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family: She has a widowed mother and a sister, her father lost to a heart attack a few years ago. She is vague about her family, but fiercely protective of them.

Rites and Challenges: Maybe when she's got some rank to her ;)

Quests: To boldly go where no cub has gone before.

== Rumors ==

She arrived at the Sept with little to her name, in lupus form, one change of clothes and her billfold tied in a bundle and carried with her teeth. She came from the east coast, on foot it would seem, following. She was warned to runaway by a spirit, or so she says.

Did she REALLY walk all this way by herself?

Are we sure she's really garou, and not some confused spirit creature?


==OOC Information==

Image Credits I neither own these images, nor am I credited with taking them. I found them through image search and following links until coming across two photos that matched what I had in mind for my character's image. Please feel welcome to contact me with questions or concerns in regards to the images chosen.

Player: _Rain_ or Gloomcookie

Location: Second star to the left, and straight on 'till morning.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Atlantic Time)

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