Simae Tei

Name Simae Tei, Nothing But the Wind

Tribe Shadowlords

Auspice Ragabash

Rank Adren

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
In Lupus, an elegantly gaunt black wolf whose shape is almost indistinct in deep shadow, with glittering yellow eyes.

In Homid, a tall, slender woman with Asian features and skin-tone, though the precise region is hard to trace, her ancestry seeming mixed. She has long, straight black hair worn up in a tight knot and held with bone hairsticks, revealing scars from her chin across her throat. She favours simple, loose clothing, generally black.

In Crinos, a gaunt black figure, towering above most normal humans, with a jackal's thin features and slender fingers tipped with thin claws, bright against her sleek black fur.

Pack Icewind.

==Information known to the Nation==
Simae speaks many languages.
She was born in the Thar desert of India and travelled as part of a caravan there in her childhood. She has since travelled widely.
Simae is a deeply private person, and few have seen her room or learned much of her.
Simae is deadly with knives and owns many.

Kin / family

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==
Simae Tei has Hakken ancestry.
Simae has been responsible for the death of a Gaian garou.
Simae has a dark secret of some kind.
Simae tried to assassinate Xian Fei in Anchorage.


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