Player: Jeanne
Name: Silvermoon, Pride's Teeth, Gaia's Light
Creature Type: Lupus Garou
Tribe/Kith: Silverfang
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern

Description: App. 6 pure breed 4 Silverfang

Homid: She wears a deep blue blouse that is embroidered with full moons and a long skirt that matches. A white gold belt with full moon links rests around her waist, then falls down the front of the skirt to move with her graceful steps. Her leather necklace with the bsd claw is still around her neck, her long hair falls down her back in soft waves of silver-blue.

Lupus: She has a slightly feral and wild way to her. She is a large pure white wolf that holds herself with a deep caution. She has a full thick fur and tail. Her silver eyes are cunning and show a keen intelligence to them. She moves with an obvious preditory and feral way that indicates she has been in the wild a while. (pb 4 silver fang, app. 5)


Common Knowledge:
She is mated to Toshi
She was pregnant and gave birth to a large litter of 7 pups.
She has fought many battles against the spirals in Leaping Stag
She went to the sept of St. Mary's for a little while to learn about Silverfangs and such
She has recently returned to Leaping Stag
She has no memory of her past.

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