Sheepkiller, Athro Red Talon Ragabash Lupus

To the Nation she is Red Sacrifice, Walks-with-Honor, Walks the Red Path. But to listen to her howl-name, a song of a great hunt from thin and cold mountain tops, the rush of the hunt and the victory over a nimble prey is spoken of. And for this, by most she is known simply as Sheepkiller.

Sheepkiller is an extrodinarily huge lupus, the size of a small pony. A creamy white, on each paw is a shock of red fur as if once she had walked through blood and it forever had stained her pawsteps. On the back of her neck is another splash of red fur; these show in a ragged indentation in the fur, the symbol of 'sacrifice' there. In her is at least some evidence to the Red Talon's claim to lineage to the progenitor wolf, so pure is her lupine heritage, as she is one of the few Red Talons alive with the highest of breeding. In Crinos, she is a massive ten foot tall monstrosity of ivory and blood. In homid form, she is a tall, almost Nordic-looking woman, features and expression harsh, with ragged pale-blonde hair. In all forms she has pale grey, neutral eyes, and has a beauty that in homid form is considered handsome if imposing, and in lupus makes naturalists and artists alike weep with her stately majesty.

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==Information known to the Nation==

Red Talons know Sheepkiller is student to the Red Talon Legend Sunset-Heart, Galliard Lupus.

Sheepkiller is known to be the alpha of Deep Waters pack; she has never said much about who her pack's totem spirit is. Also, she is the alpha of a pack of kinfolk, three females and two males (one of each is a yearling still), all with minor signs of Red Talon lineage.

She is known to have littered the past two years. Her first year's pups totaled eight in all, with only one showing no pure breed, two traces of pure breed (1), two significant signs of pure breed (2), two with clear pure breed (3), one that is very well bred (4) and one pup who is just as well bred as it's mother (5). All eight pups survived to the point of being weaned, and were taken to a Red Talon sept where her mentor, Sunset-Heart, Legend of the Red Talons resides. The litter from the spring of 2009 only numbered three total, two with only traces of pure breed (1) and one pup with significant signs of pure breed (2). There are high hopes that with being blessed with so many pups, maybe as many as two may Change if they survive to that age.

Sheepkiller announces herself as the Alpha of the Wolves of Gaia's Womb sept. However where this sept is located is a mystery, or why she states it that way.

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  • "Yeah, I ran with Red Talons as a Homid Kin. We bonded over haircare." - James Fairbairn, Cub
  • "SK saved me. I'm not afraid to admit it. I was falling apart, and she gave me somewhere stable to be: My Wolfheart. I don't know precisely what she thinks of me, but to me she's family. She's Pack. And I'll kill for her. I'll live for her." James Fairbairn, in a more serious moment.
  • "She's never really looked at me much, but even being in the same room as her scares the crap out of me! She definitely gives off a 'Scarier then crap' air." Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer kin

== Rumors ==

There are rumors that her mentor is a Legend of the Red Talons, but as the tribe doesn't really talk much it's hard to say who.

Rumors state that for a Red Talon, she's actually rather…moderate, for a traditionalist.


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