Serenity is a small kinfolk village / commune about ten minutes south of the Leaping Stag meeting hall. The village has a few streets, a small local swimming pool, an old-fashioned store that stocks a lot of fair-trade and eco-friendly products and doubles up as supermarket, gift-shop, post-office and hardware store. It also has a small internet cafe like area. In Serenity there is also a clinic owned and run by Sabina - not to be confused with the one at the hall. A few houses are scattered beyond the village (such as that belonging to Juliet and that belonging to Sera. Pearl Carey and some of her husband's pack also live here.
The village has an offical status as a commune and new incomers are controlled by the commune council (all kinfolk, led by Benjamin Rodgers. There is a small school here for the few local children.
Like the hall, Serenity has its own generators for emergencies, but it has a number of wind generators and solar cells around it as well.

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