Seekers Of Unity

Totem: Phoebe

Pack Purpose: Unity

Pack Members:
Taki (Father, aka Alpha)
Alexandra Lewis (Eldest Sister, aka Beta)
Jake Outlaws Legacy
Myra Curtis

Deceased Members:

Pack History
Formed in mid 2009, the Seekers are also the founders of the Menagerie of Sky's Hope, dedicated to the Mandate of Unity.

Known to the Nation

Totem Stats
Totem: Phoebe
Base Cost: 7
Spirit Type: Lunar
Pack Ban: Defend moon bridges and moon paths from the depredations of the Wyrm
Base Benefits: All members gain Open Moon Bridge, as the Ragabash gift. They also gain +1 mental trait (above trait cap), +1 Enigmas, and +1 Primal Urge.
Extra Benefits:
38 points spent.
Pack Link
Always present with a member of the pack.
Can always find pack members.
Is feared by minions of the Wyrm.
Can speak with all pack members.
Respected by other spirits.
Can materialize at no cost.
Charms: Open Moon Bridge, Flood, Cleanse the Blight.
+21 Gnosis/Rage/Willpower

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