Sarah Beauregarde


Player: Alyssa Fain


  • Sarah Isabelle Beauregarde
  • Izzy
  • "Seraph"
  • "Tex"

Creature Type: Garou Kinfolk

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Glasswalker

Born: July 13, 1992 (Ahroun moon)

Titles: None


Basic Description:
Sarah walks into the room and all eyes are drawn to her. She looks to be in her mid to late teens and has porcelain skin with a mane of bouncy red hair framing her bright blue eyes. She speaks with a sexy Southern drawl that gets stronger when she is upset. [Natural Leader- Enchanting Voice - 6 app traits]

Everyday Outfit:
Sarah wears a forest green fitted henley that is unbuttoned just far enough to be a little sexy without going overboard. She pairs it with a snug pair of jeans worn over a cute pair of boots with a nice heel.

Sarah almost always has her son Zeke in her arms or very close by. Zeke is an adorable little boy of going on one and a half years old who has bright red hair and blue eyes like his mamma but also has some features like Zig. He takes a stuffed piggy everywhere with him.


  • Thomas Jefferson Beauregarde III. & Narcissus May Beauregarde
    • Sarah's parents
    • Kinfolk of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • From a wealthy family that made money in the railroads
  • Captain Thomas Jefferson Beauregarde IV. aka "Bubba" aka "Bogie"
    • Sarah's older brother by 10 years
    • Long Wait Long Kill, Kills from a Mile, Fostern Ahroun of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • Bailey Simons
      • Sarah's "Sister-in-Law" (via being Bogie's mate)
      • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
    • Sidney & Addison
      • Sarah's adopted nieces (via Bailey Simons)
      • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
  • Ezekiel Beauregarde Dauphine aka "Zeke" or "Z"
    • Zeke is Sarah and Zig's son.
    • Kinfolk tot he Glasswalker Tribe.
    • June 21, 2008 (Galliard moon)
    • Zig Aurelius Dauphine aka "Goofball"
      • Zeke's father and Sarah's ex-mate and longtime boyfriend
      • Hides Behind Seven Proxies, Cliath Ragabash of the Glasswalker Tribe
      • Well known as a dumbass
      • Zig was tainted by the weaver abandoned his family before being killed.
  • Calvin Baer
    • Sarah's boyfriend since shortly after Zig took off.
    • Bonesnap, Jormungandr's Bane, Homid Fostern Ahroun of the Glasswalker Tribe.
    • Calvin has really taken to Zeke and Zeke calls him "Dada Kal".
  • Rumored Unborn Child

Common Knowledge

  • Sarah arrived at Leaping Stag just days after her long time boyfriend, Zig Dauphine, with their son, Zeke.
  • Sarah was very young when she got pregnant with Zeke.
  • Sarah is a fiery redhead with a temper to match.
  • Sarah is one hell of a shot with nearly any type of firearm.
  • Sarah and Zig used to live in southern Virginia though Sarah is originally from Texas.
  • Sarah's brother whom she calls Bubba came to Leaping Stag to find her.
  • When Sarah first arrived she found Zig dating another woman named Bailey Simons and there was a great deal of drama between the three of them.
  • A week or two after Sarah's arrival it seemed that Zig was now dating her.
  • Zig claimed Sarah just after the Menagerie's Caern Raising on November 21, 2009.
  • Zig again took off on Sarah and Zeke within a couple of weeks.
  • Zig sent an email to the entire Sept of Leaping Stag renouncing his claim on Sarah December 13, 2009, well after he left them.
  • Sarah is often seen being cuddly with Calvin Baer since Zig left her.


  • Sarah believes Bailey Simons is a home wrecker and not at all what most people believe her to be.
  • Sarah and Bailey went off to talk and actually both returned breathing.
  • Sarah is one psycho bitch!
  • Sarah seduced Zig to try to get pregnant and force him to be with her.
  • Some say Sarah attacked Bailey while others just say she called her every name there is.
  • Sarah is not on speaking terms with her parents because she refused to give up Zeke.
  • Sarah once shot Zig in the butt for $200.00.
  • Sarah must be a masochist, otherwise there is no way she would put up with Zig.
  • Sarah and Bailey are plotting something truly horrible!
  • Jessica Highland is out to make Sarah's life a living hell.
  • After Zig abandoned Sarah and Zeke for a second time he tried to force her to take him back with threats of disowning Zeke.
  • Shortly after Zig abandoned Sarah and Zeke for the second time Bogie and Bailey set her up with Calvin Baer.
  • Sarah is rumored to be pregnant. Some say with her ex-mate's child while others say Calvin already got her knocked up.
  • Sarah was stolen from Zig by Calvin, or something like that, according to Zig.


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  • "Zig Aurelius Dauphine, you'd betta git yir nogood leavin two-timin ass over here right quick!" ~ Sarah Beauregarde
  • "If his boy parts are touching your girl parts and he aint claiming you I am cutting them off him ~ have a nice night" ~ Bogie in a text message to Sarah when her and Zig are in a hotel room
  • "If Zig weren't around, I think we could be great friends. I feel bad about the bullshit that has happened…she doesn't deserve that." - Bailey on Sarah
  • "I aint gonna f#@% you… we'll be intimate when I kain trust that it is makin love." ~ Sarah to Zig on trust and sex
  • "She's one of the nicest and kindest people I know, I'm happy to have her as a Friend." ~ Nicole
  • "I kain make Zig want to piss himself n hide.. what is that whiney bitch gonna do?" ~ Sarah speaking about Jessica Highland
  • Bailey.. honestly.. I think given time and alot of work by both of you.. you two could be great together. That is gonna be a while and hell is gonna freeze over before I let some no good whiney cross dressin whore end up with Bubba.'' ~ Sarah speaking of Jessica Highland
  • "She wants some other guy, that's fine, but I ain't playin' Daddy for that fuckin' kid anymore. She ruined that chance when she wanted to be with someone else." -Zig, on raising Zeke.

IC Contact Info

  • Sarah and Zeke have an apartment among the dorms in the higher levels of the Meeting Hall.
  • Sarah has a cell phone that a very few people have the number for.
  • Either Sarah's brother Bogie or Calvin Baer might know where to find her.


  • Before He Cheats ~ Carrie Underwood (2006)
  • These Boots Are Made for Walkin' ~ Nancy Sinatra (1966)
  • Redneck Woman ~ Gretchen Wilson (2004)
  • Bitch ~ Meredith Brooks (1997)
  • I Hate Myself for Loving You ~ Joan Jett and the Black Hearts (1988)
  • Piece of My Heart ~ Janis Joplin (1968)

OOC Information

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