Sabina's Clinic

This building sits on the edge of the bawn and the town of Serenity and is a large building not high but spread out with a pitched roof to keep the snow off in the winter. There is a covered walkway from the clinic to the road and one to the Sevensson-Eagle house next door.

When you enter into the clinic you walk into a small waiting room with a couch and a few comfy chairs. There is a single desk either manned by a staff member (there are two) or Sabina. It's warm and inviting and seems to put people at ease with the colors and decor. There is a door next to the desk that leads back to the exam rooms and the stairs that lead up to patient rooms, an Operating Room, and a Mental Health Counseling room. The exam rooms are curtained off. The inpatient rooms have individual beds and are fully stocked and functional hospital rooms. The OR is fully stocked for every kind of emergency. The only thing not available are CAT scans and MRI's which have to be done in ether Anchorage or Fairbanks

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