Name Sabina Ann Kavanagh Svensson


Tribe Get of fentis

Notable Traits She is 7ft tall her Blond hair is mid back in length and she is very pregnant she can be seen in maternity cloths or scrubs

==Information known to the Nation==
she was raised in the military with her father who was an Ahroun her brother Robert is also an ahroun and in Germany. she is a Medical doctor and has a Clinic in the kin town of serenity
She Has a healing power
she owns the get of fenris hall which is also her home

Kin / family
Bergida Daughter
Balder Son
Olivia Daughter
First Husband Lars Sevensson Dead
Curent Mate Bloody handed Eagle


== Rumors ==

== Quotes ==

  • "She's been very nice to me, and has been a great doctor! I just wish she wasn't trying to get me to eat half a cow every day…" Bailey Simons, Bonegnawer Kin


==OOC Information==

Player Megan

Location Spokane

Contact info moc.liamg|yttiknageM#moc.liamg|yttiknageM

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