Ruth Sings Of Honour

Name Ruth Sings of Honour, Sure Path in Mist

Tribe Black Fury, formerly Children of Gaia

Auspice Galliard, formerly Philodox

Rank Cliath, formerly Fostern

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
Ruth stands 5'10", thin and occasionally awkward when nevous. She is mousy in colouring and plain of face, though relatively strong. She dresses in dark colours and wears a necklace under her shirt.

Pack None.

==Information known to the Nation==
Ruth was forced into a renunciation whilst in harano. She has risked the displeasure of the nation and spirits to reclaim her old name and speak of her past, but does not claim her old tribe, auspice or rank.
She is an excellent engineer/mechanic and has been known to repair and keep running the sept's generators after earthquakes, re-wire lifts, and repair lighting.

Kin / family

Rites and Chalenges


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