This page is for the routines of various characters in the game, so that people have a sense of what people are doing when not actively being played.

Leaping Stag

Minds the Gap
  • Spends several hours guarding the caern heart.
  • Maintains the caern heart shrines.
  • Goes out to speak with part of her spirit network.
  • Fulfils her chiminage.
  • Practices dance with Nisha.
  • Trains with her packmates.
  • Performs minor rites as appropriate to time and season.
  • Cooks basic meals for those of the sept who wants them.
  • Makes a list of supplies for the kin to order.
Juno Lykopis
  • Patrols the bawn
  • Volunteers for various odd jobs (Give her things to do!)


Koren Farrell
  • Passes messages among the inhabitants
  • Keeps Taki up to date on goings on at Leaping Stag
  • Habitually cleans the Kitchen meticulously as well as Common areas of the Menagerie

+++++Ahriman Diego

  • Searches for Shinies
  • Tending to Spirits around the Area
  • Giving of Things to some homeless in close by cities.


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