Name Cleanses the Hate, Breeds True, Knight Reign

Tribe Black Furies

Auspice Ahroun

Rank Athro

Breed Lupus

Notable Traits
Reign is 5'6" with waist length blond hair, blue eyes, tan varies depending by season. She has a "X" battle scar on her right cheek. The palms of both hands are burned scarred. She has "Black Fury Lupus Ahroun" in black glyph tattoos on her right forearm.
-For winter, she is wearing Carthart pants, a black thermal shirt under a flannel top with a Carhart jacket she takes off inside, and bunny boots.
-Has a large claive/claymore (depending on side of pond) that is not a fetish and does not appear to have anything notable about it.

In lupus, she is a large black, nondescript wolf.

Pack (in pack with some of her adult/ranked cubs)

==Information known to the Nation==
She is known by older characters, or her friends, for:

  • Large amount of ritual knowledge.
  • Herbalist with healing and herb growing skills. She established LS's herbal gardens.
  • Unusual number of Garou cubs now adults. (Do to various plot lines and background.)
  • Mother, Pride and Terror, is a long term sept Alpha of a female-dominant, fanatical Fury sept which does a lot of work with battered women.
  • Often sounds very fanatical Fury, but to those who know her, she is not.

Her personality varies some. She is obviously lupus, but shows indications of being around homids extensively, and cannot really pull off appearing human.

Kin / family
(Please note these are human names because Reign has so many children, there is no way I could keep track of changing names. Most of her cubs have human and Garou names generally dependent on who the cubs father was.)
Snow Sniffer, Child of Gaia, Theurge, deceased.
Early "Star," Black Fury, Ragabash, may or may not be known for being a leader.
Cassandra (sometimes called Dreams,) Silent Strider, Theurge
Miranda, Silent Strider, Theurge
Beatrice, Black Fury, Theurge
Henry, Glasswalker, Theurge
Isaac, Silent Strider, Theurge
Malcom jr, Fianna, Galliard
(8 other Galliards I need to find details on)
(3 Phillodox I need to find details on)
Shadow, Stargazer, Theurge?, nephew, believed deceased
Child of Hate, Black Fury, Ahroun, nephew, deceased

Rites and Challenges
Fostern (do not remember details)
Adren (required killing her nephew Seraph after he fell)
Athro (required coming to terms with herself and trusting)
(Has been subjected to Stone of Scorn. However, at the time it happened, the ST of Anchorage, in the Camarilla org, contradicted the decree from the nation of PC characters and she was punished for something the Nation did not consider her guilty of. The Nation determined the sept was wyrm tainted. Reign was punished for not cooperating with the Get sept.)


== Rumors ==


==OOC Information==

Player Holly Kubaskie

Location Rockford, IL

Contact info (find me in game room under "Reign")

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