Ragnar aka Ragnvaldr


Player: Alyssa Fain (NPC Child of PC)

Name meaning:
Ragnvaldr = [Wise Ruler]


  • Ragnar
  • "Junior"

Creature Type: Ætling (Kinfolk)

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Breed: Homid

Moon: Modi (Ahroun) (Born Under a Blue Moon)

Due Date: January 12, 2010

Born: January 1, 2010

Pack: Associated with Fenrir Pride


Base Description:




  • Halldór Agnisson
    • [Thor's Rock]+[Edge (of a sword)]+[son]
    • Grandfather of Brynja's side
    • Garou of the Get of Fenris Tribe
    • Blacksmith who died defending his sept from BSDs
  • Hjördis Gunnarsdóttir
    • [Sword Goddess]+[Warrior]+[daughter]
    • Grandmother on Brynja's side
    • Kinfolk of the Get of Fenris Tribe
    • Died protecting the sept's children from BSDs
  • Ári Friedensterm & Signy Jarls
    • Grandparents on Valgard's side
    • Raised her since she was 5 years old
  • Valgard Friedensterm-Jarls
    • Biological Father (Deceased)
    • Preys Upon the Wyrm, Horn of Valhalla, Stern in Resolve, Adren Viking Modi Berzerker of the Get of Fenris Tribe, Heir to Forge-Crusher, Family friend of Golgol Fangs-First family, Second of Thunder's Teeth, and Holder of the Cermonial Mead Horn of Þór.
    • Sent into the umbra by the Tribe on a quest just after their wedding and never returned.
  • Logan
    • Adoptive Father, Brynja's mate
    • Bloody Kill, Never Rests When Hunts, Unleashes the Rage, Adren, Homid, Modi of the Get of Fenris Tribe

Information known to the Nation

  • Ragnar was not only a New Years baby, but also born under a Blue Moon.


  • Helmar Elricksson is really the father, obviously his sperm is powerful enough to reach beyond borders.


  • "I never considered myself overly motherly, but since I've been pregnant I seem to turn to mush everytime I see a cute baby." ~ Brynja
  • "I thought I was done working for the day… then I had an idea…. Purely for display…. well maybe for display…. baby's first double bladed battle ax." ~ Brynja
  • "Fenris gives his blessing to your mating….says it will have strong pups" ~ Bergida translating for Wolfy to Helmar and Brynja

IC Contact Info

  • He can be found wherever Brynja is.


OOC Information

Player: Alyssa Fain

Time Zone: Central

Location: Central Illinois

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: alyssa.ooc.troupe @ gmail.com
    • Please list LS - Brynja in the beginning of the subject line.
    • This is the best way to be sure I get a message and remember it.
  • IRC: Alyssa_OOC
    • Feel free to PM me as I often am not watching OOC channels closely.



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