Ragabash of the Nation

Name Tribe Rank Breed Notes
Arthur Warwick Glasswalker Fostern Homid
Ayet Cubs Lupus
Cassidy Fianna Adren Homid
Cecilia Swims In Darkness Child of Gaia Fostern Metis
Daniel Fianna Cliath Homid Guardian
Daniella Glasswalker Elder Homid Guardian, Eldest Ragabash
Dunkin Donuts Bone Gnawer Athro Homid City Warder (?)
Eirwen Silver Fang Cliath Lupus
James Fairbairn Fianna Cliath Homid
Jamie Wolf ? Athro Homid Guardian
Juno Lykopis Black Fury Fostern Homid
Lilly Bone Gnawer Athro Homid
Lorelei Davidson Get of Fenris PB Cubs Homid
Marcus Blackwood Shadow Lord Fostern Homid Klaivebearer
Nightpath Red Talon Cliath Lupus NPC
Sheepkiller Red Talon Adren Lupus Guardian
Shinji Cubs Homid
Simae Tei Shadow Lord Adren Homid NPC
Sunshine Younge Child of Gaia Cubs Homid
Arkady Spoo Child of Gaia Fostern Homid

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