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<BillyBrokenPaw> Because I lost myself in my rage, got tortured for… months and months.. went on a huge blood thristy rampage, then fell into a deep sorrow and slept in a cave for two years… oh, and I like to dance

  • Ahriman_Diego blinked a few times, "um.. your dancing raises the dead?"

Sarah Beauregarde: "That is gonna be a while and hell is gonna freeze over before I let some no good whiney cross dressin whore end up with Bubba."

Lucky is laughing wildly, his bat focusing on the BSDs head. "Goddamn! I should be on a baseball card!" (Lucky, during a beatdown)

The_UnHoly shakes her head. "And lo, I am reminded of Firefly. Got a rack full of guns and one's named Vera?"
Bogie grins, "Her name is Bella."
The_UnHoly: Ok, Jayne. You're a keeper.

Get of Fenris on Thanksgiving:

Helmar_Elricksson smiles to Brynja and chuckles "I like to remember our ancestors that came here before Columbus"
Brynja grins "Ah that makes a bit more sense than a bunch of British colonists that had no clue on how to survive"
Helmar_Elricksson laughs and nods "yes.. yes it does.."

<Lucky> I'm not that great.
<Lucky> Really.
<Bridget_McFin> You are that great.
<Bridget_McFin> Really.

"Naw, I'm just too ugly to die." - Lucky, on all of his scars and his missing limb.

"I thought I was done working for the day… then I had an idea…. Purely for display…. well maybe for display…. baby's first double bladed battle ax." ~ Brynja

"If his boy parts are touching your girl parts and he aint claiming you I am cutting them off him ~ have a nice night" ~ Bogie in a text message to Sarah when her and Zig are in a hotel room

Nicole's Timing:

Nicole: your Sister is a little worried about getting pregnant again
Bailey looks at Nicole and sighs deeply
Bailey just blinks
Bogie coughs and spits and seems to not be able to breath
Bailey: Nicole…timing…gah…
Bogie is coughing a lot tring to hit his chest
Bailey looks at Bogie with concern, waddling over to him and whacking him on the back several times

  • Koren` murmurs softly, "Why are people always crying here…?"
  • Karen Onions
  • Karen lots and lots of Onions
  • Karen gets me everytime

Donatello: I'd tell you what my cub name is, but then I'd have to try and kill you.
Donatello: And, unfortunately, I'm not kidding.
Daniella looks over at Don
Daniella: Kitty, Kitty, you need a piece of salmon
Donatello: I'm serious!
Daniella reaches into her pack and tosses Don a small box of smoked salmon.
Donatello: Do I *have* to explain…. oooooo… fresh fish.

Chance: Oh yeah… that you are totally forcing him to stay with you… let see… you're a whore… um… what else?
Bailey: Oh, I'm a home wrecker…I'm a total hussy. Oh, and I've slept with EVERY MAN on this sept.
Chance: I must ask…how does this amazing mind control of yours work? And can you teach it?
Bailey: Yes, I will teach you my amazing skills of strumpetry!

Zig: I don't deserve you
Bailey: I'm yours, as long as you want me.
Zig: But…I don't deserve you.
Bailey: Well, I think you do.
Zig: Why?
Bailey: Because you make me smile and you make me feel safe and you love me, in spite of all of my flaws and all of my problems. And you might think you deserve some horrible woman who will make your life miserable - but you don't. You deserve to be happy. Our lives are short and violent…be happy, while you can…All I ask is that you are always completely honest with me…and that you do what you have to do to find some measure of happiness.
Zig: You make me happy.

Bailey: Nothing short of a lobotomy or a bullet to the brain is going to fix what is wrong with that woman.
Bailey blinks, her eyes widening, slapping her hand to her mouth
Bailey whispers, shaking her head, "I didn't mean that. I SO didn't mean that…"
Joshua_Williams: its ok i know her already

Donatello comes down with baby Hope in his arms and a blanket, a small patch of tawny brown hair atop her head.
Zuri smiles as she sees the baby, her features softening a bit
Taki sighs and puts his head on his paws. "Gaia, I love being ignored by new folks when I'm just doing my job to make sure some dumbass Garou doesn't try to kill them."
Zuri blinks and looks over at the fox, "What?"
Donatello: "She told you her name, deed name, and rank, Taki."
BillyBrokenPaw grins at Taki. "Baby is cuter then you… but you do have the sushi powers."

“The Wyld is not known for its planning.” – Answers to No-One

“I’m fine.” – Minds the Gap (whilst on 5agg and bleeding)

“Accepting compliments is not illegal…” - Calls the Hunt to Jesse

Jesse (ahroun) to Calls the Hunt (Get): - “I am taking a little break from fighting… Until I ponder… if ahroun are really crazy…”

“-rhya… Yeh… it sounds like something you would need to go to the doctor for….sounds itchy.” – Abbe

“English doesn't borrow from other languages - it follows them down dark alleys, hits them over the head, then goes through their pockets for loose grammar.” – Maria

“Abbe: Is English your first language?
Answers_To_No-One: Questionable, I'm from rural Berkshire… :P”

What_Once_Was nudges the sofa with his nose. What_Once_Was appears confused. What_Once_Was sneezes. What_Once_Was sniffs the sofa, suspiciously. What_Once_Was nudges the sofa with his nose again.
WoW: {l} What is this weaver thing for?
Jesse_Morgan: "…To sit on…"
WoW: {l} Why? It stinks of weaver. How can you stand to smell it?
JM: "…I don't put my nose near it…"
What_Once_Was jumps up onto the sofa, and sits up with his nose as far away from it as possible, and sniffs again.*
WoW: {l} Can still smell it.
What_Once_Was jumps off the sofa with what appears to be a distasteful shiver
WoW: {l} Will need to wash now.

Watches-in-Silence, in irritation: “I am learning to sense wyrm and I am learning now.”

"Seeking new viewpoints and further knowledge is wise, not odd." - Answers to No-One

My friend: "Is the glass half full or half empty?" Me: "I left something in a glass?" – Andy O

James: “Raisin cookies are evil, they are liars…I remember many days I cheered and reached for a chocolate chip only to find out that through false lies it was a raisin!! That blonde girl on the raisin box snicker and laugh as I choke on those hell spawns of grapes! They are to grapes as the BSD are to the Garou!!! …So ends James’ Rant for the day :P ……Yay! I reached the quotes page!!!

“They also dislike being ripped apart.” - Tzayad, calmly and without apparent irony.

Njall tries to gently pat SK's tail.

  • Sheepkiller looks confused.

<Sheepkiller> <L>…That…is my tail…

Sheepkiller: <L>What did you name it?
Calls_the_Hunt: His name is Njall
Sheepkiller looks over at Calls, quizzically. <L>…Why did you name him for a yawn sound?
Njall burbles and yips happily.
<Calls_the_Hunt> It's Norse, the old languages of my ancestors.
Sheepkiller considers the happy pup with dubiousness.
<Sheepkiller> <L>Then why do your ancestors make words out of the noises of yawns?
Njall tries patting beween her ears.

<Andy>: Just so you know, Fate is my ST name
<Abbe> Be afraid
<Fate> I'm not an impressively named character, I am a deeply impersonal and unfair universe :)
<Flopped-Mouse> hehe
Flopped-Mouse is now known as Destiny
<Lost> oh no
Lost runs and hides
Destiny smiles sweetly.
Fate sits next to Destiny, and surveys eternity….
Abbe runs in circles looking for a place to hide

“My beard is apathy manifest.” – Andy O

Jesse_Seeks: Any time Jesse can take a spider leg and stab it into it eyes is a good night for Jesse

On Garrett:
<Daniella> perhaps he is my test
<Skyhawk> If he was your test Sept ALpha you lost
Daniella looks at Sky
Skyhawk looks back a genial expression
<Daniella> your tongue is sharp today, sister
<Daniella> whom else have you cut to ribbons?
<Skyhawk> i believe my last victim was Dymlos
Night-Sky looks almost… almost… amused.
<Sheepkiller> <L>Probably three people who deserve it and one who did not, if I know Skyhawk.
<Sheepkiller> <L>Maybe four people who deserve it and one who did not.
<Sheepkiller> <L>It depends on how many moon-calves crossed her path today.

Xian_Fei dances
SK-QuasiAFKCooking eyes Andy.
<SK-QuasiAFKCooking> Whyfor the dancing?
<Xian_Fei> I need a reason now?
<Xian_Fei> :P
<Minds-the-Gap> lol
<SK-QuasiAFKCooking> You do realize, "Just because" is a valid answer, right, nincompoop?

Skyhawk> congrats you have been plotted
<Skyhawk> * Garrett_Elliot loks for the camara
<Skyhawk> <Garrett_Elliot> how did you know?
<Skyhawk> <Skyhawk> Baby is plot…example follow the baby in Shoot em up
<Skyhawk> <Garrett_Elliot> never holding a baby again thier evil

Beth> Your window was open…
Xian_Fei signs "I saw Talin, and took the easiest route."
<Beth> I shouldn't have gone in but the door was ope….. easiest route?
Xian_Fei nods, signing "Talin would have been at rest had I used the stairs, and I do not wish to disturb him unnecasserily"
<Beth> … easiest route?

"Survival take place over Honestly. If ya going ta be pissy everytime I am honest with ya then do not look shock when all I do is lie to ya." -Dunkin

<Watches-in-silence> gorgon mold?
<Redfur> no! bad! Wrong!….so cool….

Andrew: Some women have diaries, Elena has a vision book…:)
"Welcome home dear, I have a vision for you to untangle in the book, when dinner is done, ok?" "Yes love, I'll just wash this Wyrmish ichor from my hair and I'll be down," "Hard day?" "Not so bad. No new battle scars." "Oh, that’s nice dear. Tea?"
"Oh, please…."

ST-of-Evil> All is nice and quiet now.
<Jamie_Galabro> let's push on… we came to recon their hive
<Jamie_Galabro> er… sept…

James_Fairbairn on hunting… “It's like eating out and kill practice all in one.”

"James F is *technically* Fianna, but he hates them with a passion. He *wants* to join the Red Talons. Of course, he failed the physical, so he has to find someone else to join." – Andy

<Minds-lupus> Tika's lovely!
<Xian_Fei> Exactly!
<Xian_Fei> Lovely people should never have to meet James
<Minds-lupus> Nahi survived the experience
<Xian_Fei> Thats because she's not entirely sure what he's saying most of the time

James F about Magnolia - "Ah, a coffee bearing angel. "

<Lia-> been flying night and day all weekend
<James_Fairbairn> No wonder you look like crud then. You gotten any sleep yet?
* Lia- sets her mug down
<Lia-> couple of hours
<Lia-> I know I'm too dangerous to be up there right now

  • James_Fairbairn nods

<James_Fairbairn> You need more sleep then, not caffiene.

  • James_Fairbairn gives her a concerned look

<Lia-> eh
<Lia-> I go to bed… and wake up after 2-3 hours hyper as a chipmunk on speed
<James_Fairbairn> Thats probably not healthy, just as an observation here.
<Lia-> probly not

* Daniella looks to Atka…then does a double take…
<Daniella> oh…my…

  • Atka-Soaring-Eagle pleasant smile as he looks to Daniella.

<Daniella> I am sorry I kept you waiting
<Atka-Soaring-Eagle> be happy that wendigo has blessed me with a mountains worth of patience
<Daniella> well..Dances with Spirits-rhya…what can this humble Athro Alpha do for you?

  • Atka-Soaring-Eagle looks amused about something

<Atka-Soaring-Eagle> dances with Spirits passed on to the great beyond many years ago.
<Atka-Soaring-Eagle> I am Atka-Soaring-Eagle. shaman kin to the children of Wendigo
<Daniella> kin…. ah…a pleasure to have you here

[00:43] <Brynja> how much skin is proper to still be girly but not like a prostitute?
[00:44] <Valgard> Well if you can make all the old men grab their chest and fall over…you know that it's to much
[00:44] * Brynja laughs

[02:59] <@Brynja> we are really having a baby
[03:00] <Valgard> Yeah…so it seems….I feel like you need to let go of me now
[03:00] * @Brynja grins and loosens her grip
[03:00] <Valgard> no…all the way………
[03:00] * @Brynja pouts and lets go
[03:01] * Valgard flutters my eyes as I fall straight back out the door and in the hallway while my head punches a hole in the hallway wall
[03:01] <Valgard> (1 bashing)
[03:02] * @Brynja takes a moment to react but then moves over beside him crouched over him looking worried
[03:02] <@Brynja> Valgard?
[03:02] * Valgard is passed out cold

  • Keeley flicks her ears, and then stops with the scary face to open her mouth wide for cookie deposit.

<Unknown1> skating park?
<Unknown1> what are they White Trash?
<Unknown 2> he's oriental and a kid
<Unknown1> Gaysian Trash?

<Eirwen> so you are a trouble maker then?
<Daniel_> "Seems that way. Personally, I'm just a Ragabash - goes with the territory."

[19:42] <Taki_Darkeyes{FF-Sanctity}> I'm willing to work with you when the situation calls for it, Val. I know I've said some pretty nasty things to you, and about you, publically. But that's what I do. I provoke, to try to get a reaction. Usually it ends up with me having to defend my life. But it's my nature.
[19:42] <Valgard> I'm not the one you should worry about honestly
[19:43] <Taki_Darkeyes{FF-Sanctity}> Oh?
[19:43] <Valgard> Ja
[19:43] <Taki_Darkeyes{FF-Sanctity}> So who SHOULD I be worrying about, then?
[19:44] <Valgard> The one you should worry about is Brynja….with her being pregnant and finding her mate was hurt or killed…man I'd be running in the afterlife
[19:44] * Taki_Darkeyes{FF-Sanctity} giggles.
[19:44] <Taki_Darkeyes{FF-Sanctity}> True enough.
[19:44] * Valgard shrugs and smirks

[20:10] <@Bergida> then we will go a viking, and we will plunder the low lands for sheeps
[20:10] * Calvin_Davis comes back with a severely large sandwich in one hand, taking happy bites. "I love this place. Good food."
[20:10] <Valgard> Then the scottish will be lonely

Yoda: She's in so much trouble.
ST: She's got to survive first.
Yoda: If she dies she's in even more trouble.

<Lynnea> "Yes! Fire! Suck it, puddly thing!"

<Daniel_> "When I need to talk my enemies to death, I'll keep soberness in mind."

  • Delaire_Quintell looks at James with a frown, "Everything has a positive and a negitive…. you have too much Negitive."

<Yoda_ST> Rules are for players.

<James_Fairbairn> I really don't care. We got a junkie who can turn into a mouse, and you wanna give someone shit for backtalk? Pot? This is kettle, and I have a problem with your current hue.

<Calvin_Crinos> G> she woke up a bit. Was attacked by her house.

<Eirwen> I have been told that it is impolite to open homids up to look at their insides

<Taki_Darkeyes{FF-Sanctity}> There is plenty of stupidity in this situation to go around. We do NOT need more of it.

<Hoss{GoF5}> Granted… when most people think he is joking…. he is actually serious…. like the eating a Kin thing
<Logan_> and some know he is not joking
<Hoss{GoF5}> he is fairly unstable
<Brynja> lol Bryn knows he is only joking a little - that is why she used the NO word
<Hoss{GoF5}> But he isnt joking… not even a little :p
<Hoss{GoF5}> eventually a kin is gonna do something stupid…
<Brynja> probably
<Hoss{GoF5}> okay… let me rephrase, eventually a kin is gonna do something stupid again

  • Brynja nods

<Brynja> as soon as he says something about eating someone ever the pack link there wll be a reply of NO
<Hoss{GoF5}> lol, there wont be a statement of that nature across packlink…. just mental images of it happening
<Brynja> lol
<Brynja> sadly Bryn has pondered how to hide something like that
<Hoss{GoF5}> Hide what…. someone disappearing?
<Hoss{GoF5}> He pulled a gun on me… I didnt know if there were silver bullets… so i killed him
<Hoss{GoF5}> just so happens that my mouth was bigger than him

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