Phoenix Corporation

Thank you all for coming. I know this isn't typical Shifter way of doing this sort of thing, but there's a couple of reasons I want to get the info about Phoenix Corp to everyone.

First reason is because people need to understand just WHAT and WHO we're dealing with. It's my hope that this briefing will let it sink into the heads of folks just how dangerous these bastards are. Secondly, there's been some… whispers brought to my attention that claim that we Menagerie folks are hoarding intelligence on these guys and on other matters. I don't know where this comes from, since I've been quite open with what I know. And among the residents of both Sky's Hope and leaping Stag, there are two people whose dealings with these guys rival my own - Lilly, and Peacemaker.

There's going to be a hell of a lot of information given here. As such, we'll be providing transcripts after this briefing to anyone who wants them, which is why Lilly is recording it for us. After this, I'm hoping no one decides to say that we're not willing to share information on this situation.

I expect for this briefing to be civil. If you have a question, ask. If you have a comment, feel free to speak up, as long as you can be polite about it. This is an information session, not an excuse to get panties in a twist.

Now… that being said, are there any questions before I get started?

<Marcus_Blackwood> Will we be discussing a plan of action at all, or proposals? Else, is the purpose of this to inform only?

This is primarily an information meeting. A proper council of war will be called to discuss how we'll be dealing with it all. After the briefing, however, I'm more than willing to discuss options with folks.

Ok. So, let's get started.

Alright. This is where it all started for anyone here. This is Alysen. Aka, Patient A. A number of years ago - I won't say how many, because it's not my place to divulge her age - an embryo was split 15 times, and fertilized. All but one of the embryos was then put in freeze for later.

Over the years, all 15 embryos were implanted into various surrogate parents, after various experiments were performed on them. The one thing all 15 eventual little girls had in common, besides their general appearance, were psychic abilities. Each girl possessed a different ability. Furthermore, all 15 are kin. We don't know what tribe, or breed even, the girls are descended from. But they are all kin nonetheless.

<Demitri_Maximoff> Are Dhe Fomori? or just products of corrupt experiments?

They are not fomori. For all intents and purposes, they are completely natural kin, with no leaning toward any of the Triat. No spirits within them, nothing like that. In fact, it's my belief that the one doing the testing was using purely normal, though advanced for the time, scientific practices. Normal humans these days are able to split embryos like what was done. Only not so many times. That is just a theory, though, since as you'll learn, our enemy deals with mages of a sort. But more on that later.

So. 15 girls, or clones as we've dubbed them for easy reference. Each one unique, with her own psionic ability. These abilities have included cyberpathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, channeling. The full list will be available in the packets we'll be distributing later.

<Demitri_Maximoff> I bring it up because Mister Blake, Hoss and I fought teree twin Fomori on dhe bawn last night… It seems relevent to bring dhem up.

Ok. I was hoping to avoid this. I welcome questions, but a number of them will be answered as we continue. So what we're going to do is this: Lilly will hand paper and pen out to each of you. If you have a question, write it down. If, after the end of the briefing, your question still needs answering, give your paper to Lilly, and we'll answer them all. Sorry. There's just a LOT of information, and I'm sure many of your questions will be answered as I go along. And yes, Demitri. We believe it is likely that the attacks are connected.

Now… 15 Clones all together, cleverly named with subsequent letters of the Alphabet. Alysen, Bethany, etc, all the way down to the last Clone, Olivia. There is a tie in all this to Peacemaker, as well. And not just because he's been married to two different clones. Apparently, they stopped at O, because P is for Peacemaker. At least, that's what the bad guys claimed. It may have been jsut to get under his skin, though.

To Peace's credit, he didn't know any of this at the time. Furthermore, his first wife was dead. The Alysen that we know is…well, she's actually from another reality and somehow got thrown into ours. In our reality, the original Alysen died. In the other reality, Peacemaker died.

This all came to our attention, actually, because of John's current wife, Gwynneth, one of the clones. She was attacked by agents of Phoenix Corporation a while back. While looking into the people behind the attempted kidnapping, we discovered the existence of Gwyn's sisters.

Gwynneth, when young, was taken in by a family of Hunters. Now, these aren't hunters that we're all used to. These individuals are part of an ancient group that only go after supernaturals who cross the line. This group actually serves to reinforce the Veil.

Gwyn's adopted uncle was trying to help her. In the process, he created what he considered a vaccine, that would prevent her from Shifting, from ever becoming a Garou. It also served to keep her natural psionic powers in check.

There were some unforseen side effects, though. Persistent migraines, gaps in memory, etc. We were trying to help Gwynneth with what we thought was an illness, which is how the existence of this "vaccine" came to light. The problem didn't come from her uncle. Her uncle's vaccine was misguided, perhaps, but altruistic. His son, however, had other ideas. He sold the formula to Phoenix Corporation, and went to work for them.

He was the one who wanted Gwynneth back. Because he had perfected the drug. And not only would it stop the side effects, it would allow her incredible psionic gifts. The side effect of it, though, was that it could permanently shut down the genetic markers that indicate our ability to Shift. Phoenix Corp started using it as a weapon. When used against kin, it would forever block their potential to Shift. Furthermore, it would prevent those genes from passing onto the generation. If we hadn't stopped it, within a few generations and with enough work on Phoenix's part, all of the Shifting breeds would have died out.
So of course, we started hunting down Phoenix Corporation. We ran into our first issues when we discovered that they were… handing out devices in Anchorage. These devices were super-scientific. Not just scientific, but magically so. It turns out that Phoenix Corporation had contracted some members of a group called the Technocracy. A group of mages who alter reality through technology. The specific devices used at this stage were able to pick Shifters out of a crowd, no matter their form. Lilly, myself, and Dunkin managed to track down the warehouse they were using to distribute these items, and shut it down. That led us to a location of a laboratory belonging to PC, as I'll now refer to Phoenix Corp. In this lab, we discovered three more of the clones - Irene, Olivia, and Lacey. We brought the three back here after shutting the lab down permanently. Lacey died shortly thereafter.

We didn't realize it at first, but PC had made certain… safeguards in their "property" to ensure they wouldn't be stolen. Lacey died in the clinic as a result of those safeguards. The one upside of her death, however, was that we were able to learn from it, and stop the same from happening to Irene and Olivia.
It was Olivia, actually, the youngest of the clones, that gave us our big break, intel-wise. She told us who was truly behind everything. His name was Van Kinsdale. He was an Elder Vampire, of a group called the Lasombra. Masters of shadow manipulation.

And actually, at this time we discovered more of what PC was up to. They had kidnapped Daniel and Mary-Lou, cubs here at LS, as well as a mage. We found and rescued them from the same facility we rescured the girls from. And there were some sorcerers and psychics there, as well. PC doesn't just deal in psychics, as we originally thought, or Garou. They hunt and study ALL supernatural creatures and humans with extraordinary abilities. They try to figure out what makes us tick, and how to replicate our abilities. Their experiments are horrendous - beyond what we expect from, say, Spirals, because these bastards do it coldly, in the name of science.

So… eventually, we closed down their operations. Along the way, I went to interrogate a doctor working for one of their labs. I went to his home and broke in. Instead of finding the doctor, I found his adopted daughter. WHo happened to be a clone. Which is how Karen came to be living here at LS.
In closing them down, we also took down a clinic, where two more of the clones were working WITH PC. We killed the rogue member of Gwynneth's family, Matthew, and then we tracked down and killed Van Kinsdale, the leech, along with 30 or so of his leech buddies. We didn't have the manpower at the time to take Phoenix down for good, though we managed for a while to remove them from Alaska. Daniella herself tried taking down the company's network, but it is protected by a super-advanced, awakened Artificial Intelligence. We put out word to other septs, particularly in Washington State, about PC, so they could be aware, and deal with threats in their territories. We hoped it was over. We all wanted it to be over. But I guess they live up to their namesake, cuz the bastards are back.

This time, they're specifically coming after us. They are advertising premium pay-outs for wolf and other pelts. Their highest payouts go to those pelts that show pure Shifter breeding. Furthermore, they are offering specific bounties for Calvin Davis, Sheepkiller, and Daniella. Not that they have the names - just lupus pictures of those individuals.

Lilly and I checked out the office they were offering these bounties from. It was purely a front operation. It was there, however, that we learned it was Phoenix behind it, when we discovered a hidden pda with some recognizable contacts.

The other night, Lilly, Zuri and I, working on information retrieved by Peacemaker after an attack on Alysen, checked out a warehouse converted into a laboratory. There, we discovered all the missing pets that have been popping up in the news. They were pet-napped for experimentation. However, we also found a single human subject. Marissa, the sole unaccounted-for Clone. We brought her back here, and performed a rite of cleansing on her. Unfortunately, it almost killed her. PC had literally wired her entire body, connected to a neuro-toxin delivery system. If she went too far from a control box, it would release the poison into her body, killing her. Otherwise, she could actually use the poison as a weapon, which was extruded through her fingertips. Combined with her natural talent for psychic invisibility, the results are obvious - a psychic assassin. We managed to keep Marissa alive and unhook her from the device, though it made a mess on the floor that I had to clean up.

While we were in the lab, though, I managed to download the lab's server onto my awakened laptop, Hana. Or, at least, I thought it was the lab's server. In reality, it turns out that it was hooked into Phoenix's server itself. And since we went in through a legitimate hub, we managed to avoid detection by the AI. So… we got it all. Employee records, experiment histories, phoenix properties. There's HUGE amounts of data. I currently have three awakened computers combing through it all and compiling lists so that we can give folks targets.

But we do have one target that's the highest priority. This is Nigel Logan. VP of Research and Development for Phoenix Corporation. Lilly and Peacemaker managed to peek in on christmas party he was attending for PC employees in Anchorage earlier this week, which is where we got this image. According to Marissa, he's the one behind it all. Whenever he gets mad, people disappear. Which makes sense, since he's not human. He's a vampire. It's quite possible that he's actually the Sire, or maker, of Van Kinsdale, the vampire I killed. He was, apparently, working on feeding his blood to those at the party, so that he could better dominate them. He hid it in their wine.

<Demitri_Maximoff> It is called a blood bond…

This guy is, we believe, our primary target. It is possible that if we cut off his head, PC will come apart. IT's theoretical at this point that the CEO of Phoenix is merely a patsy. We all learn that Vampires like to control people. It makes sense. Downside to this information - Logan isn't local. His primary office is in a remote part of Northern Ontario. Daniella is running down information in that area currently, and I'm just waiting for a report.

That's the gist of the intel that we have at this point, and it should serve to bring folks up to speed. As I get more reports from the Computer Triplets, I'll be passing that information on to strike teams.
Now… there were questions?

<Marcus_Blackwood> I have heard of a company active for some years, taking wolves and Kin…D.N.A. Do we believe there to be any connection between the two at this time?

As far as I know, there have been no connections made between Phoenix Corporation and DNA - at least, not here in Alaska.

<Calvin_Davis> I just wanna say, they've probably been watching us for a long while. I ain't taken Lupus form much outside of training rooms for, like, weeks, maybe months We gotta expect that they might be aware of anything we've done out in view.


<Lillith_Mia> Why not J for john as it’s his homid name and peacemaker his garou name?

That's actually why I think it was an attempt to get under John's skin, rather than the actual reason they stopped at O. My belief is that even with the advanced science they were using, they could only split the embryo so many times without risking degredation.

< Lillith_Mia> Tthe other clones? What if they made more? Or had others in the works what about new safe guards?"

It's possible. All 15 of the clones are accounted for now. 10 are deceased. 4 live with Shifters of this sept or the Menagerie. One, Alysen, lives in Michigan with her mate. If they made more, we don't have any knowledge of it at this stage.

< Lillith_Mia > " how are we to take them down if they span several teritories?"

Our primary concern is taking them down here in Alaska. To my understanding, all the septs in the state are willing to allow us into their turf to hunt them down, and are willing to support us in this. As for other areas… I've already put word out to pretty much every shifter I know how to contact, and have some friends among the Silent Striders and Corax spreading the word to areas that we know have a Phoenix presence. I plan on talking to septs in the seattle area, specifically, so that we can get permission to send folks down to that territory to kick Phoenix ass. Same with Logan's place in Ontario.

<Peacemaker> acctualy, there are other clones. Paul was a clone of me.

Right. Sorry. YEs, there were a couple John clones. They aren't around anymore, but there could be more.

<Peacemaker> yea I just know I killed one of them

<Lillith_Mia> "are other mages going to be needed to help deal with the mages of PC?"

<Peacemaker> It's a possibility. I know we should probably be gathering helios spirits …I know I'm making sunlight flashbombs

Mages can be easy to deal with, or brutal. I am considering calling in some favors to provide magical assistance. For instance, Cad, the mage we rescued from Phoenix, will be willing to help. And I'm sure I could get the Jedis to help us out in a pinch.

<Demitri_Maximoff> Da, if these Phoenix and the attack yesterday are connected, we must also assume they have Wyrm connections and know where the Caern is, Da?

<Peacemaker> that would be a given

<Lilith_Mia> isn't it srouded?

Yes. It's not unheard of for Spirals and Fomori to work with vampires. And yes, Phoenix has always known we're in the area. The attempted kidnapping of Gwynneth happened in Serenity.

<Demitri_Maximoff> They found their way on yesterday, shroud or not.

<Marcus_Blackwood> Security seems have many holes.

So we can safely assume that the attacks are all connected to Phoenix at this time. It's not a 100% sure thing, but seems logical.

<Demitri_Maximoff> Perhaps you wish to interrogate the survivor then?

<Marcus_Blackwood> Can interrogate…have experience

  • Demitri_Maximoff nods. "As long as he lives. I have an Elder Theurge of my Tribe coming to remove the bane." He is being kept at my compound in Anchorage.

Frankly, this is YOUR sept. You caught him. You interrogate him. If you get anything helpful, let me know. I would recommend to Talin that he designate an individual to lead the efforts of Leaping STag in the Phoenix Corporation matters.

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