Name Breed Rank Tribe Notes
Anne Stormchaser Homid Fostern Black Fury NPC
Ailith Eagles Homid Fostern Child of Gaia Caller of the Wyld, Guardian
Alexandra Lewis Homid Adren Guardian
Breymir Olafsson Homid Adren Get of Fenris
Calls the Hunt Homid Adren Get of Fenris Guardian
Dances With Death Lupus Fostern Uktena
Hunter Homid Cliath
Makuyi Spiritwynd Lupus Fostern Wendigo
Michael Carletta Short Circuits the Wyrm Homid Fostern Glasswalker
Peacemaker Homid Adren Glasswalker
Ronald Carey Homid Fostern Child of Gaia NPC
Sibeal MacNamera Gabha Homid Fostern Fianna
Sioned Homid Fostern Fianna
Skyhawk Homid Fostern Uktena Grave's Wisdom, Truthcatcher, Eldest Philodox
Standing Stone Homid Cliath Wendigo
Unholy Homid Fostern Shadow Lord
Kimi Snowfeather Homid Fostern Uktena
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