Pearl Carey

Name Pearl Carey

Tribe Children of Gaia


Rank Kinfolk

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
Pearl is a friendly, smiling girl of nearly twenty years, on the thin side. Her hair is sandy, her eyes a clear blue-grey with laughter crinkles. She wears a knitted sweater and a warm skirt, with loose, fleece-lined mocassins on her feet. Both feet and ankles are strapped up in bandaging as far up as can be seen. She sits in a hand-propelled wheelchair, a soft embroidered cushion tucked behind her. (Friendly Face, Enchanting Voice)

Pack Icewind (by relation)

==Information known to the Nation==
Pearl was kidnapped by BSDs seven years ago, and severely injured towards the end of that time.

Kin / family
She is the wife of Jesse and has an adopted child Gabriel and a natural daughter, Cassie, named after Cassidy.

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==


==OOC Information==

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