This page for the Sept 2009 Halloween Party being thrown by Vasilios Lykaios

The Hall

The hall has been decorated for Halloween, an emphasis on blacks, dark blues and purples, silver (not actual silver!). The tree has been made to look like an old gallows tree, with stained nooses hanging (and from one, a partial skeleton), some skulls at its base. There are some "headstones" around, and dark tablecloths that seem to come "pre-bloodstained," definitively tackier than most things there. Music'll be playing over the sound system, and there's a stage area set up for any live performances and the promised magic show.

One table's been piled with food; little sandwiches, bowls of candy, mini quiches, pigs in blankets, pasta with meatballs (labeled "probably not eyeballs") and spreads of fruit, cheese and crackers as well as a platter of sliced cold cuts and cheeses by some loaves of bread and rolls (and condiments, and knives for cutting the bread). There's a large open bar set up, with a nice assortment of hard liquors, wines, two different kegs of beer, some mead… Of note are three things: a bubbling cauldron with a "Witch's Brew: try at your own risk" sign (some kind of mulled wine) as well as a smaller bubbling cauldron "Witch's Brew for the Expecting Witch" (which is mulled non-alcoholic cider), a dark red cauldron marked "Bloody Mary (Sans Mary)" (actually a nicely alcoholic punch), and a handmade clay jug carefully stoppered marked "Lykaios family moonshine…drink at own risk" (PM Warren if you drink this).

NOTE: Those at the party, particularly those drinking, will begin to feel cheerier, getting more of a party atmosphere sense. It begins to lower inhibitions…you will not do anything that you might not normally wish to do, but you may be more daring, more willing to do that which you wish.

Costume Descriptions!

  • Vasilios is wearing a traditional black priest's uniform, not unlike His glossy black hair is tied back with a silver celtic cross-thing.
  • Bailey is wearing [This] in blue. On one hip is a big pouch and on the other is a fake sword in a sheath. The hat is perched jauntily on her head, and her hair is down in light curls. She looks a little worn out and slightly stressed, with small shadows under her eyes. Bailey is a young girl in her late teens. She has thin ash-blonde hair that falls to her shoulders, pale blue eyes, and pale skin with a smattering of freckles. On the right side of her face is a long, thin scar. She stands about 5'3 and is quite thin, although she looks to be filling out slightly. She looks to be heavily pregnant.
  • Eirwen is wearing
  • Chance_Holson is dressed in a pale pink victorian evening gown, complete with a little bustle, and little cap sleeves that are edged in lace and slightly off the shoulder. Her hair is done up in a bun and adorned with pale pink roses and ivy, a couple ringlets fall down her back. Her make up is light and very neutral and all of her piercings have been removed save for a pair of delicate gold filigree drop earings. She carries a lace fan in one hand. Given her size the whole outfit serves to make her look like a delicate porcelaine doll.
  • April is wearing only with more leaves and vines sewn onto the dress and her hair is green. There is also vines drawn onto her skin and face, with some sparkles done subtly.
  • Pacal Is dressed in a white loin cloth, with gold armlets and has feathers in his hair. He has an obsidian knife at his waist.. oddly enough it looks rather right on him.
  • Jake Outlaws Legacy is seen dressed in his normal cowboy clothes. If asked why he is not in costume, his flips open his coat and shows a Texas Ranger star on his chest and informs people. "Ah'm in costume as a texas ranger"
  • Billy BrokenPaw is seen dressed in a very high end expensive suit. He has makeup down like a zombie and trudges around like a huge wall of zombie businessman.
  • Daniel is dressed in jeans that are too small for him and an open shirt revealing the ugly rent in his chest. He has a stuffed gnome on a rope with him.

Contest Winners!

…have yet to be determined.

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