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Here are the packs of the Leaping Stag game. They include PCs and NPCs and those at several septs.

An Síoraí

Band Of Gaia's Hand

Dark Waters

Denali's Breath

Fenrir Pride


Jokers Wyld disbanded

Little Bears Blessed

Seekers of Unity

The Steel Host dedicated to Clashing Boom Boom ~ (Peacemaker, Bogie, Calvin Baer)

Unnamed Earthquake Pack

Watches' Pack - TBC

Garou who follow individual totems…

Ailith Eagles - Mouse

Lilith - Bat

Packless NPCs:

Ailith Eagles - Fostern Philodox of the Children of Gaia (known to follow Mouse)

Anne Stormchaser - Fostern Homid Philodox of the Black Furies

June Undaunted in Cloudy Skies - Adren Theurge of the Fianna

Ruth Sings of Honour / Igraine Sure Path in Mist - known both as Cliath Galliard
of the Black Furies and Cliath Philodox of the Children of Gaia

Packless PCs:

Alexandra Lewis

Arthur Warwick

Cecilia Swims in Darkness - Ragabash Metis






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