Norna Verdani Thorulfrinn

Player: Jeanne

Aliases: None that anyone knows

Creature Type: Garou Cliath

Tribe: Fenrir

Titles: Norna Verdani Thorulfrinn, Karhu's Choosen, Homid Cliath Skald of the Fenrir, Daughter of Anundr Thorulfrinn Hand's of Mercy Fostern Modi of Fenrir whom has returned to Valhalla

IC NICKS: Wolf- Norna-L - Homid Form: Norna


She stands around 5' 10, with a strong athletic build to her. She wears leather pants, boots that lace up and are clearly lined with furs, a heavy coat that is very out of place in style here, that holds norse markings on it at the collar and cuffs. Her hair is long and blonde, her eyes stricking gold. When her coat is removed she is often wearing a tight black or white t-shirt. She is rarely without gloves.

Notable Traits

  • Appearance 7
  • Pure breed 3 Fenrir
  • She speaks with a thick Nordic Accent

Common Knowledge

  • She is a newly shifted cub, that has yet to still master her rage
  • She recently left the Sept without permission and came back more then a little changed.
  • Her Den-parent is Joseph Ikkanu as given permission by the Alpha.
  • She is close to Mary-Lou and Daniel
  • She is slightly protective of those that she has become close to.
  • She doesn't really seem to fit in at the Sept.
  • She has recently claimed Alpha of the cubs, JT being her Beta for the moment whom challenged Shadow for it.
  • It is well known that she has visions, and dreams of things to come, things that were and things that are.. making her name very well suited for her.
  • It is well known that Norna has had some issues with Authority figures… and has a very dominant personality


  • She has issues with children for whatever reason
  • She was sent from Norway because she was a problem
  • She recently did something to free herself of the "curse" that she was under, rumour has it she killed someone.
  • She has a very odd way of looking at the world, making it difficult to place her into one tribe or another thus far.
  • It is rumoured that her life is forever bound to Bear and his kind.


It is well known by now that Norna was heavily cursed within her life, and then sent from Norway to Leaping Stag with that curse still in effect. The particulars of that tale is known by a few people, but still is not common knowledge. She does not like to speak about it. To learn more you may want to ask her.. or may not.. it is your choice.

Her firsting was a difficult one, leaving her with several large scars that are seen clearly in lupus form.

It is well known that Norna has lived a very sheltered life, and due to that has not experienced alot of what most people consider normal every day. She has a hard time understanding the Sept and where the boundaries of the rules fall. Her home was one that was ruled with an iron hand, she is still adjusting to her newly found freedoms. When she does not know where the lines are, she often will push till she finds where the limits rest…. this has caused many issues thus far.

IC Contact Info

Send her a spirit, call her… maybe yell ?

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