~Nisha (Alisha) Curtis~


Name Nisha (Alicia Johnson) Curtis as per the title.

Tribe Get of Fenris

Affiliation Kinfolk

Relation Daughter by Myra, Grand daughter (as far as she's concerned) biologically

Notable Traits
Nisha is a slender and energetic young lady of about 18, but within her clear and direct blue eyes lies a strength and resilience that contradicts her delicate looking frame. Her wardrobe consists of clothing from the Value Villiage Boutique (translation, second hand), khaki and jeans, second hand boots with the best tread she can find for the Alaskan weather, and usual two or three layers of shirts beneath a warm sweater. What is rather out of place however, is a thick gold bracelet that Nisha wears on her left wrist… the gold is well cared for, thick and durable, and bears around it in a circle glyphs that claim her as kinfolk to the Get of Fenris to those who are familiar with garou glyphs. The bracelet is a stark contradiction to how she dresses, being an expensive looking piece of work on her wrist but her clothing looking well worn and casual. There is also usually at least one duffel bag with her, sometimes two, depending on if she's coming or going to dance practice or the city for the night and what she might be doing there.

Nisha is also known to dance; she has been working at a Daniel's Artistic Dance Studio for as long as anyone who currently knows Nisha can remember. She works as a part time instructor for younger students, in exchange for a small amount of pay. At one point, it is said, that she worked in exchange for admission fees to more focused instruction with the most talented dancers at the Studio; however this has changed since being found by the Nation and taken under the wing of guardians. Some of the staff at the studio have taken an interest in her skills, and are also supporting her efforts to make a career in professional dance

Nisha has been re-enrolled in school since being adopted, attending under her new "legal" name to avoid detection. She attends a private school in Anchorage for students who are training seriously in the performing arts, to give her an edge and additional resources while training.

She also attends a youth group one evening per week at a local church, and tries to help out the homeless community by looking out for younger children and volunteering in homeless shelters for women with young children.


Information Known to the Nation

None but an Ancestor Spirit named Sahri claim her as their blood, though she is known to speak on rare occasion about her mother. Sahri has spoken little of the girls heritage, save her birth tribe which is already evident due to Nisha's purebreed and her own.

Nisha has been adopted by Myra Curtis, and now uses the name Alicia Johnson for her legal records. Sahri still claims the girl closely as her descendant.

In the city of Anchorage. She has recently been adopted by Myra Curtis, and is staying at her home as a permanent residence. Her residence before this arrangement was made is now known, she was a street child for a three years after running from a foster home.


Word on the street
There is a rumor among some of the people Nisha's age, within the homeless community, that like all pretty girls in her situation she has traded her body for money or a warm place to sleep at least once. However the rumor mill cannot agree if from this grew regret for the liaison, or how many times this was rumored to have taken place. It varies between "only once" and "on a regular basis".

Nisha doesn't sleep in any of her usual spots anymore. In fact, its suspected that she's got a sugar-daddy of some kind, or trades in something for a steady place to sleep since her belongings aren't being toted around with her as much anymore. This rumor might be based on the above one, as its travels the same circles and frequents the same lips. Its suspicious as Nisha deflects direct attempts to find out where she sleeps or stores her belongings.

Word to the Nation
Nisha is still working on building up a badass name for herself. Please return after these messages. ;)

Nisha is one of the many victims of the foster care system, and is now indebted to an Elder Glasswalker for helping her acquire an alternate identity to keep her safe within the Nation's care.


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