Night Sky

Name Night Sky

Tribe Uktena

Auspice Theurge

Rank Elder

Breed Lupus

Notable Traits
Night Sky is an ancient and now very frail wolf. Her fur is still thick and healthy, but she is thin beneath it, and her eyes are misted. She maintains a proud, dignified posture, sure of her movements, if slower and stiffer than she once was. At times she displays hints of her former true grace and strength. She resembles strongly those of the ancestral Uktena, save for a pelt of silvery-white that any Silver Fang might envy.

In homid she is a grey-haired native woman, wearing worn buckskins and a black woven shawl scattered with little white patches like stars. She is very frail now, fairly thin, but steady on her feet.

Pack Sheepkillers

==Information known to the Nation==
Night Sky was formerly part of another sept and highly honoured. She left that sept after defying the alpha over one of his choices during a time of war - though she was proven right, and saved the caern by her actions. After that she remained unknown to the nation for some years, until she was sought out by those of Leaping Stag.
She knows some dark, powerful rites, and has bound banes within herself for short periods of time in order to control them whilst appropriate bindings were prepared. She has also helped to re-bind a bane beneath the Leaping Stag caern itself.
She does not seem to gather taint from such bindings, and also knows powerful cleansing rites.

Kin / family
She calls Skyhawk daughter or sister, and Kayyla granddaughter.

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==


==OOC Information==

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