Nicole Marie O'Brian


Player: Not The Evil Rob (aka Rob Knox)


  • Nicole

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Glasswalkers (once incorrectly assumed to be Fianna)

Born: December 25, 1992

Moon: Born Under a Theurge Moon



Basic Description:
Nicole is a young woman looking to be in her mid to late teens. She has dark blonde hair that falls to her mid-back, stunning gray eyes, and porcelain skin. She is tiny - only about 5', and looks like she weighs 90lbs, soaking wet. She looks to be quite lithe and athletic, with a small, toned athletes body.

Everyday Outfit:
She Wears Leotards and Track pants alot and nice clothes.


  • Frank and Alison O'Brian Birth Parents
    • Gaoru and Kinfolk to the Fianna Tribe
    • Her Dad is in a Pack with Bailey's dead husband
    • They live in Indiana
  • Thomas Jefferson Beauregarde IV. aka "Bubba" aka "Bogie"
    • Adoptive big brother
    • Long Wait Long Kill, Kills from a Mile, Fostern Ahroun of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • Bailey Simons
      • Honorary sister-in-law (via being Bogie's mate)
      • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
    • Sidney & Addison
      • Honorary nieces (via Bailey Simons)
      • Born as Kinfolk to the Bone Gnawer Tribe and now Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
  • Sarah Isabelle Beauregarde
    • Adoptive sister
    • Kinfolk of the Glasswalker Tribe
    • Ezekiel Beauregarde Dauphine aka "Zeke" or "Big Guy"
      • Nicole is Zeke's adoptive Aunt since before she was claimed by Bogie and Sarah.
      • Zeke is Kinfolk to the Glasswalker Tribe.
      • Zeke is going on a year and a half.

Common Knowledge

  • Nicole is a talented gymnast who has studied for many years.
  • Nicole is really nice to everyone and sometimes gets taken advantage of because of it.
  • Bailey Simons is her friend from their old Sept.
  • Nicole's birthday is on December 25, Christmas day.
  • Nicole's biological family lives in Indiana.
  • Nicole is of Irish decent but does not have an accent.
  • Arashi was often seen cuddling with Nicole and many believed they would become mates.
  • She has been working in the Nursery


  • Nicole likes boys! (one in particular)
  • Nicole wants to steal Zeke and dress him up like a baby doll.
  • Arashi told Nicole that he wished her to have his pups while he already had a mate.
  • The Reason Her parents are so protective of her is because she's an only child and they can't have any more kids.
  • Shes really good at Gymnastics and looks good in a Leotard
  • Her Mom is an Assistance Gymnastic Coach Were Nicole took Gymastics



[Character History]


  • "He's just an adorable little boy and a joy to be around. I love Babysitting him." ~ Nicole speaking of Zeke.

IC Contact Info

  • Shes lives at the Hall


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