Name Meredith Kennedy

Tribe Ice Stalkers

Auspice Kieh

Rank Sorna

Breed Homid

Notable Traits
Meredith is a tall, sturdy woman, with grey and silver hair, generally wearing a green shirt and dark trousers. She is faintly Aleut in appearance.
Meredith is mute and never speaks.


==Information known to the Nation==
Meredith is known to almost all as a kinfolk with gnosis and *not* a gurahl. She has displayed the ability to heal and cleanse.

Kin / family
Meredith is mentor and formerly burijaan to Patty Keenan

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==
Meredith is fera.
Meredith knows about the history of this sept.
Meredith travels widely around Alaska.


==OOC Information==

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