The Menagerie of Sky’s Hope
Located in an upscale neighborhood in Anchorage, the Menagerie is home to Shifters of all varieties, bound together by the Mandate of Unity, including the Family pack known as the Seekers of Unity. The caern itself is underground, with the sole physical entrance being hidden in the wine cellar of the home of Myra.

General Details
The entire Menagerie is part of an underground complex. The walls, floors, and ceilings are all stone. Light is provided by glowstones set into the walls – by touching the stones and concentrating a moment, an individual can change the strength of the light, from dim to near-sunlight-bright. At a bit above waist level throughout the complex, there is a line blending in with the stone of brail bumps, providing directions for the sight-impaired.
The complex is heated through formed vents that bring steam-heating throughout the tunnels and caverns from hot springs located beneath the complex, making the air warm and slightly humid.

The Antechamber
Every entrance into the Menagerie arrives in the antechamber. A natural stone room, there is a small, purplish sparkly quartz breaking through the floor and reaching a peak about 3 feet from the floor. A pathstone is melded into the stone of the floor, providing the arrival point for moonbridges. Two passages lead off of this chamber. One leads to Myra’s wine cellar, and the other leads further into the complex. If the password is not spoken, an individual trying to enter or exit this room finds themselves returning to their entry or egress point by way of defensive magics.
The tunnel that leads deeper into the Menagerie contains two offshoots. One leads into the common room, while another leads to a dead end containing a collapsible ceiling trap.
The Common Room
This room contains common living quarters for the residents and guests of the menagerie. The largest room in the complex, it contains a number of chairs, couches, and tables, as well as a very large Plasma screen television with PS3, dvd player, and cable tv. There is a large tapestry hanging on one wall that details the Mandate of Heaven in gorgeous script (Crafts x 5). There is also an excellent stereo system in the room, with surround sound tied into the television, and there are access points for laptop computers to access the internet.
Four tunnels lead off of this chamber. One leads to the antechamber, another to a dead end containing a tiger pit trap. One short tunnel leads to the kitchen and cold room, while the last leads down to the next level, where the quarters and storage rooms are located.

The Kitchen
The kitchen is the most well-appointed room in the entire complex. Every kitchen appliance conceivable exists in the room, all in stainless steel. The cupboards are mahogany, and the countertops are white and black marble. Every few feet along the counters are built-in knife blocks containing a full set of chef’s knives. A large island in the center of the room contains a sink and plenty of workspace. Pots and pans hang above the island.
A large metal door rests at one end of the kitchen. Inside is a walk-in cold room/freezer. Meat and fish hang from racks attached to the ceiling, and the walls are lined with shelves containing perishable, frozen foods.

There are three rooms containing sleeping spaces in the complex. Two are full bedrooms, one of which is claimed by Taki, current Boss of the Menagerie. The other is technically unclaimed, though it’s possible that someone is squatting there at any time. The other room is a barracks-style room, containing over a dozen bunk-beds carved into the stone, with comfortable mattresses and linens. Along one wall of the barracks room are refrigerator boxes, with holes cut in the sides to allow entrance.

Storage Rooms
There is an entire corridor off of the living quarters level devoted to small storage rooms of various shapes and sizes. The rooms are marked according to the types of things stored in the rooms.

Training Room/Armory
The last room in the living area “wing” is a training room and armory. Weapons of all shapes and sizes gleam on racks on the walls. Mats cover the floor, and a number of training dummies sit along the walls, as do punching bags and other training gear.

Steam Room
Along the corridor from the living level to the caern heart is a steam room. Built like a sauna, but full of steam constantly pumped in from the hot springs below, this room is used for “sweating it out” or warming up those who are more of the cold-blooded variety.

Hydroponic Garden
Directly next door to the steam room in order to take advantage of the increased humidity is a fully-developed hydroponic garden maintained by the sept’s botanist, kinfolk Irene. Flowers and other plants take up almost the entire room, including vegetable plants and an herb garden. There’s a pile of detritus in the far corner of the room, which regularly has an alligator inhabiting it.

The Caern Heart/Hall of Honor and Remembrance
This perfectly-circular chamber has only one entrance. The room is much like a cylinder with a dome roof. A large, purplish, sparkly quartz heart stone dominates the room. 8 feet at the base, it rises through the entire room and breaks through the ceiling into the higher levels. Around the base of the heartstone are carved 8 symbols, one for each element at the cardinal directions, then secondary elements between those.
The domed ceiling is a panorama of stars, with all the phases of the moon represented from east to west across the diameter of the ceiling. Just below the domed ceiling are a series of alcoves pushed into the stone walls. Statues, seeming to have been grown from the stone, sit in the alcoves, each statue representing a variety of Shifter no longer walking the world. Each alcove at this level is about 3 feet tall.
At eye level rest other alcoves, each containing a grown statue of a currently-active Shifter Breed in their half-man, half-animal forms. At the perfectly-north spot in the chamber, along the wall, is a life-sized statue of Night Sky, Elder Theurge of the Uktena, in lupus form howling to the moon phases above, again grown out of the stone. At the perfectly-south spot in the chamber rests a human-sized alcove containing a shrine to Luna, including a grown statue of a wonderfully beautiful woman of shining, polished stone. The room regularly smells of jasmine and cherry blossoms, thanks to the incense that regularly burns at the shrine to Luna.

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