Meeting Hall

The meeting hall is a large building a short walk from Serenity, located above the underground Caern Heart. It is built of stone and wood, standing several stories high, and with its own generators.
There are three doors, the main hall door, the back door and the side kitchen door. As you enter the main door, you enter a large, inviting hall. A fire burns brightly in the hearth, the walls are lined with cupboards, a mural and a tapestry. There is a door on the left into the kitchen, the foot of a staircase into the dorms beside it. Ahead is a door to the bathroom and a corridor to the other downstairs rooms of the building (the armoury, ritual room, hall of hallowed heroes and some bedrooms). A second door leads downwards into the basement. On the right, a final door leads to a broken stone staircase down to the Caern Heart. The hall is furnished with tables, chairs and comfortable couches. There is Daniella's reclining armchair, and a small rocking chair belonging to Beth which anyone is allowed to use.
The kitchen is fully stocked, and leads to several storerooms. There is a table and stools, and always food on the stove which anyone can help themselves to.
Upstairs in the 'dorms' there are numerous rooms and bathrooms - each with a card on the door to let you know who resides within. Some rooms are larger than others, set up for packs or families, others are smaller and single. Some have their own bathrooms, others share. All those that are empty are equipped with basic furniture and bedclothes, all bathrooms have towels and basic necessities stocked. The storerooms include a laundry store and cupboards of necessities.
The basement is set up as a lupus-style den.
One of the upstairs rooms has been converted to a clinic by Juliet. This is *not* the same as the full-blown clinic Sabina has set up in Serenity. The hall clinic has some medical equipment and is kept supplied and clean.
One of the attics has been taken over by the cub Mary-Lou as her room.


The Tapestry: The latest work of weaver Skyhawk depicts a dark stary night twinkling in the darkness of the fabric. A lupus runs across the night sky, her grace depicted in careful weave. She is followed by the cubs of the sept and the cliath depicted in careful detail. The next panel depicts figures of the sept around a circle surrrounded by darkness and claws of inky black. The bright fire
surrounding Nightsky. The following panel shows the light leaving a faded Nightsky surrounded by her sept mates by the fire hearth. Garret and Lily, sept mates each showing care and consideration once again in fine detail. A shadow leans out and fills
Nightsky once more with light not as bright but light all the same. The tapestry ends with a depiction of each sept mate refined in
colours of autumn spring winter and summer best to their natures including the children of the sept all carefully detailed to likeness in native weave. The final panel depicts those lost in the year gone by, standing in stars watching over the sept.

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