Markus Hesse

Markus Henry Hesse



  • Winternacht12

Creature Type: Garu

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Formerly Shadow Lord

Born: August 1991

Auspice/Moon: of the crescent moon (Theurge)

Rank: Cub

Pack: None Yet

Titles: None Yet


An honorable garu, or rather a garu that respects and is bound by honor, Markus recognizes strength in all its forms, and is not content to let one hand grow week in favor of another in this way he has developed himself a regal persona indicative of the peerage and tribe to which he is obligated to serve and is privileged to call his birthright, or would have been had it not been striped of him. Or at least it was until a few months ago.

Now A former Shadow Lord, thrown from his tribe, Markus seeks to maintain his glory. He does this for many reasons, in part from simple habit, in part as a dream to regain his old place, and at least to show that he is still powerful enough to rise even after he has fallen. And above all he will be dammed if you dare to think him defeated yet.

  • Purebred Shadow Lord x1

Basic Homid Description:

Tall yet sturdy with impeccable posture, Markus walks about with a sure air of one who knows his place and purpose in the world. Clean shaven and well groomed, Markus sports sharp firm features. A bolt of long black hair flows over his shoulders and down his back making a complementary outline against his angular face.

Basic Crinos Description:

A square set and well built monster, magnificent and horrible all the same. A blunt yet strong mouth and fierce jaw draw across his face with a ferocious bite only made all the more intimidating with wide and dangerous hands that grasp his adversaries in a vice-like grip so he may tare them limb from limb.

Basic Lupus Description:

Regal to the last, in true wolf form Markus sports a full fur coat of deep midnight black. Well proportioned and near ideal in form, Markus forms a stark outline against the tundra and carries a majestic chord in his howl as it stretches across the starlit sky.

Everyday Outfit:

Markus sports a pitch black frock coat and with a collapsible hood. In his hand he holds a green cane made of chestnut wood with bronze point and pommel. He holds it not because he needs an aid in walking, but rather as a sign of his station and an instructional tool for those who are ‘not worthy enough for him to draw a real blade’. He also carries a dagger.

Speaking of blades, at his side rests his Walloon Side-Sword which he wares out overtly with the pried of one who has earned the right to use the sword and its obligations. Markus also carries a longsword that he places on his back under his rucksack (note that he can not draw the sword from this position and must untie it), although he will not look to use it in most cases. Yet, despite this pomp, his motives are tempered through training, and when he draws his saber it is with full understanding of the weight of the blade he carries.

Battle Gear:

A melee expert to the last, Markus enjoys using weapons such as the lance, dagger, or sword, which hold greater renown and show a respect for friend and foe alike. While he carries his side-sword or broadsword about with him at all times, he also owns several spears that he will take if going specifically into combat. Mark is also skilled in hand to hand combat, perticularly in the schools of Brazilian Jujitsu and . Mark has no special vestments to go to war, although he will wear a black padded suit for fencing training.

Combat Cane

A special staff made of chestnut and bronze, it has a nice if not overly intricate design featuring a narrow plain head and reinforced tip. As simple as it is elegant, this sturdy fighting stick is designed as much for combat as any utility. When fighting with it, Markus wields his staff as if it were a rapier, using a style known as Canne de Combat, or French Cane Fighting, as well as the Filipino style Modern Arnis.

Fencing Saber (Walloon)

This Walloon Side-Sword is light and flexible, good for both cutting and thrusting. A single broad fuller runs the length of the forte with a diamond ground foible. This pushes the balance of the blade forward while still giving it the strength to perform devastating thrusts. This blade geometry makes the Walloon is a highly versatility saber, built to perform the more accurate pointwork required in duels with rapiers. The hand guard consists of a polished opaque shell guard and three slim strips of metal that wind down from the guard to the pommel. This forms a rudimentary basket hilt, or rather, an intricate knuckle guard.

Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger

In his off hand he holds a Fairbairn-Sykes style fighting knife. This stiletto-esque dagger uses a double-edged blade with a diamond spine running the length of the knife, from the hilt to the forte. Flat ground with a needlepoint tip this dagger is lethal piercing weapon, well built for puncturing armor. A flat cross guard and foil grip made of iron complete this piercing dagger making it a perfect utility blade and good in close quarters combat tool.

Bastard Sword (Langschwert)

Also called a longsword or hand-and-half sword, this blade is plain, with few ornate decorations. Clearly made with an emphasis on cutting, the blade is forged with a double fuller for most of the forte, eventually collapsing into a hollow ground about half way down the sword and ends with an abrupt forbel and point. A thick, forward swept, double bar ‘V’ made of bronze acts as the cross-guard of this sword with a generous pommel that can be gripped for two handed combat. (Markus will also alternatively grip the sword on its flat at the base of the blade to steady the weapon for a thrust or cut where precision is required. Alternatively he may choke-up and handle the ricasso, which has been intentionally left dull and un-beveled for this purpose, should he using the longsword one handed.

Escrima Sticks

Made of white wax wood with a burnt pattern across the stick's length, these weapons are meant more for practice than open combat, but are still highly durable and useful for several striking and hold techniques that Mark knows. These batons are about 30 inches in length and have grooved ends to improve gripping. Mark has a total of eight sticks which he usually carries in a duffel along with his black and orange Brazilian Jujitsu Gi (uniform) and head guard (which he rarely uses, but offers to any that spar with him).


  • Dr. James Thomas Lothrop
    • Relation: Friend of father, old as dirt
    • Titles: None (kinfolk)
    • A well drawn, if not really frail elder, with graying hair that still sports a few fiery streaks of golden blond from days long past. James is an avid scholar and chess player, as well as a devout catholic. James was a great commander in his youth and remains a powerful seer and poet. Now approaching the dusk of his life, he has taken up teaching and is the administrator of a boarding school.
  • William Robert Hesse
    • Relation: great uncle, Shadow Lord, Dead
    • Rolls the Sea, Eye of the Limestone Spire
    • An infamous explorer and wayfarer it was said that there was nothing that would keep him from game or glory. A dilettante, always on the hunt for the next grate adventure (and its spoils), he would hunt for treasure or the wyrm at whatever corner of the world it would lay, not for greed but so he could lord his prize over his pack for even greater gain.
    • He fights with a fancy machete known as an Itak Bolo. This Knife is built upside-down by most standards with the blade widening as it approaches the tip, ending with a drop point. This moves the blades center of mass away from the handle, making it a more effective cutting tool. Built of a fake fused half-tang, with a graded brass handle wrapped in leather the knife is made for both work and sport. A full foot in length, this blade is as much a weapon as it is a tool to clear underbrush and cut lines.
    • For more inspiration see: Vangelis - conquest of paradise (yes he merits a soundtrack)
  • Trevor Owen Hesse
    • Relation: Father, Shadow Lord
    • Titles: Horn in the Meadows, Voice of the Bryer
    • A councilor and translator working for the modern German political burro for foreign economic development, Trevor has mad a name for himself as one who fights the wyrm by every angel, wherever it may stand. To this end he has often worked to defund those arms of the Pentex corp. and other holdings by professional vampires that he can strike, as well as fight them directly through show of force. He was often away on business, rarely spending more than a month stateside at a stretch.
  • Heather Lothrop Hesse
    • Relation: Mother, now Dead
    • Titles: none - kinfolk
    • While always a Shadowlord, Heather always had a fiery disposition and, for her part was given the duty of playing ambassador to the Get Of Fenris and Black Furies. She is a proud woman, warrior, and caregiver, all in one. However, she always wanted to be part of the action, to have that something more that would satisfy her boiling passion for war. Eventually she found a way by claiming a magic sword known as Tyrfing. This blade was sharp enough that with her skill she held an edge so fine as to pierce any metal or cleave the strongest of stones. However, as she wielded her sword, she found the power overwhelming and was eventually taken by the bloodlust in the cursed blade and had to be put down. A task eventually accomplished by hunting pack that included Markus himself.

Common Knowledge

  • Humans are one of the few mammals that maintain there ability to drink milk throughout there lives. As such, it should be no surprise that Markus is Lactose intolerant.
  • Markus loves mental challenges. He is an avid chess player and also enjoys checkers and Go as well as Tafl games like Tablut and Brandub. Markus owns several boards and sets. One of his favorites is a 9x9 checkered board burned on a tablet of oak with an internal board of 7x7 distinguished by a highlighted border.
  • Markus also owns several books of riddles including a treaties on the Zen koans, famous lateral logic puzzles, and Sun Tsu’s the art of war (albeit not an explicit riddle book, the writing is so obtuse it may as well be)
  • Markus despises fomori, or rather pities them. He has seen first hand the horror of the decent and has vowed to destroy any bane that has the audacity to commit such a crime against a living being.


  • Of course it was a deal with a leach, how else do you figure Mark’s mother got a hold of such a dangerous artifact?
  • Someone told me that the chessboard thing he carries was actually a fetish from a family of Fiania.
  • I was told that there was something or another that happened with Yellowstone

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IC Contact Info

  • He has a cellphone and uses it regularly
  • Most often you can find him at the armory or forge


OOC Information

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