Marek Lebeau

Name: Marek Lebeau


Tribe: Shadow Lords

Auspice: Kinfolk, born under Galliard Moon

Rank: Kinfolk

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits
Marek is a 6', 150 pound young man with almost feminine features and extremely pale skin. His black hair is loose down to his waist, with a single streak of pure white along one edge. His eyes are decorated with delicate black eyeliner. He's extremely attractive and his voice is haunting (5 app traits, Soothing Voice, SL PB2)


==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family
Father: Jean-Phillipe LeBeau, known as Crawfish Gumbo, Adren Shadow Lord Ahroun.

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==
Has an obsession with Vampires
His father sent him to LS because he fell in love with a Leech, and his father wanted him far away.

Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
You Can Never Cut Your Hair - Burning Retina
Black No. 1 - Type O Negative
The Vampire Club - Voltaire
Black Velvet - Alanah Myles
New Born King - Beborn Beton
Dogma - KMFDM
Ich Bin Ein Auslander - Pop Will Eat Itself
Me No Fear the Reaper - Pop Will Eat Itself
Oh My Goth! - Razed in Black
1999 - Razed In Black
Suffered Long Enough - Razed In Black

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