Mandate Of Unity

The Mandate of Unity

Don’t. Do. The. Stupid.
If you don’t know if something is stupid or not, it is most likely stupid. We’re made up of both man and animal. Use the brain that Gaia gave you.

Follow the laws of your Breed and the Mandate of Unity at all times.
Just because you’re part of our new Way doesn’t mean the laws of your kind can be ignored. Each Breed was given laws by Luna for a reason. The Litanies are the cornerstones of our Duties to Gaia. The Mandate of Unity is like an Amendment to your Breed’s Litany. By swearing to the Mandate, you swear to Luna and Gaia that you are seeking a better way, for their benefit.

Remember always your Duty to Gaia, and perform it to the best of your ability.
Above and beyond anything else, each Breed has a purpose to Mother Gaia. If each of us performs our duty, then we can save Gaia. If we ignore our duty, we all fail.

You have your Duty to Gaia, and others have theirs. Do not presume to instruct them in how to perform their Duty.
An electrician doesn’t teach a plumber how to plumb. Likewise, a secret-keeper doesn’t have the tools to teach a guardian of memory how to remember. Stick to your job, and let the others do theirs.

Respect your territory and care for it like it deserves. Take care of your shit.
Don’t shit where you eat. Take care of the area you claim, even if it’s just a bedroom. Everything of this world is part of Gaia. If you can’t respect one little piece of Her, how can you save her?

Do not commit violence against Gaia’s servants outside of an honorable challenge.
Tempers can run very hot among Shifters. Keep your cool. We’re all in this together, and beating each other senseless doesn’t help Gaia, it just further divides us. If you can’t solve something civilly, give it 24 hours. If it’s still under your skin, challenge the offender honorably, and accept the outcome of the challenge.

Treat the Spirits and Ancestors with honor and respect. Be respectful to those who have earned it in the eyes of the Spirits.
The Spirits are our allies and friends. They are part of Gaia. They are not tools, so treat them like you would a friend. The Spirits also ultimately decide if we’re worthy of increased Rank. Those who have earned the respect of the spirits deserve your respect, as well. They’ve earned it.

Honor your promises to the Spirits and to your fellow servants of Gaia.
Your word is your bond. But only to those who deserve it. We’re all on the same side, so your word to your allies is your bond. Enemies of Gaia don’t deserve the same. Do what you must.

Do not make war against Man or Beast.
Yes, humans are ignorant and have a habit of hurting Gaia. But as a race, it’s not intentional. When all is said and done and the balance is restored, Shifters will not inherit the Earth. Man and beast will. If an individual human or beast is beyond redemption and cannot be saved, do what’s necessary. But killing off all humans or all of a breed of animals doesn’t help Gaia, it hurts her. They are all her Children, whether we like it or not.

Strive for Balance in all things.
The ultimate goal of Shifters is not to destroy the Wyrm or the Weaver or whatever. Our goal is to restore the balance that Gaia created at the dawn of the world. Since the perfect state of Gaia is a state of balance, we must all strive to maintain a balance in our own lives

Take no action that allows a sacred place to be violated. Defend the sacred places from those who would defile them.
Sacred places are where Gaia’s touch is most deeply felt by us. It is our duty to guard these wells of her strength. To allow one such place to be violated is to betray Her and all of us.

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