Lucas O Reily

Name: Lucas O`Reily

Tribe: Fiana

Auspice: Ragabash

Rank: Fostern


Notable Traits
1> Like most fianna like to drink party and have fun.
2> Doesn;t remember everything.
3> Generally polite when others are talking not wanting to be rude and interrupt.
4> comes with the warning tag flirt even if you are garou but yes the litany comes first but nothing wrong with flirting.


==Information known to the Nation==
1> Has disappeared for a couple of years where he went is still unknown
2> has been known to abandon garou when Kin are in need of aid.
3> Is an honorary member to a fae house known as house Fiona.

Kin / family
Father = Marcus O‘Reilly. Stag’s Fist, honors the Emerald isles, The emerald knight, Stoke the fire, Rends the thunder Wyrm, Morrigan's Passion, Strikes fromthe Heavens, Fae's Klaive, Elder Ahroun born of woman pack beta of Protects the Wee Folk dedicated to Danu.

Mother = Lady Hanna O`Reilly of House fiona. Emerald Forest Oracal.

Brother = Samuel O`Reilly. Older brother, rumor he is kin
Sister = Lorrahnah O`Reilly. younger sister by a year and is also Kin or something

Rites and Chalenges
1> Gaia's Little Light = Was givent o him on his RoP convincing a light spirit to help show the cubs the path but the psirit made Lucas glow instead.
2> War Pooka =


== Rumors ==


==OOC Information==

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