Little Bears Blessed

Totem: Little Koda (Bear, cub aspect)

Pack Purpose: The defence and care of the Sept of the Leaping Stag

Pack Members:
Bethany Minds the Gap
Xian Fei
Jamie Wolf
Kayyla ?
Makuyi ?

Desceased Members:
Dreams of Fire, Adren Lupus Philodox of the Wendigo
Ruth Laughs at Dawn, Fostern Ragabash of the Black Furies

Pack Allies and Relatives
Elena Masterson

Pack History
The pack began when Talin and Dreams of Fire reached the Leaping Stag sept shortly after it's discovery. It's roots, however, lie before that, as Talin, Dreams and Ruth were formerly packmates together. Upon Ruth's death, Dreams of Fire fell into harano, and Talin became near unmanageable. When the word came that Reign and a few others had discovered an abandoned but Gaian caern in 2002, Talin resolved to go there. Dragging the harano-stricken Dreams, he travelled to Alaska. On the way, he stopped one night at the Sept of Crimson Moonlight, and there he came upon his future packmate Beth. Even in his tearing grief, he saw her treatment with fury, and in wild, dangerous anger, he challenged for her. He won his challenge, and when they left the next morning, he took Beth with him. These three formed the basis of the first Little Koda pack by the time they arrived at Leaping Stag.
In the early years of Leaping Stag, Talin served as both sept alpha and sept beta alongside Jamie and Reign. Bethany, the only theurge, became the gatekeeper, and Dream of Fire, when roused from his harano, the caern warder.
When Daniella and Skyhawk arrived at Leaping Stag, Talin for the first time considered adding others to the pack. In time both were accepted, and later the Stargazer Xian Fei. Around this time, Dreams of Fire fell once more to the demons of his own inner self, and Talin challenged him for Caern Warder. Dreams of Fire recovered, passing judgements as Eldest Philodox until he died facing down attacking spirals. It was not until after this that Jamie, long known, was also asked to join. In recent days, Makuyi and Kayyla have also been considered as members.

Known to the Nation
The Little Bear's Blessed pack are known for holding to their guns. They will not stand by to see abuse happen, even if they do not react with force.

Little Bear's Blessed know of living and awake gurahl.

Totem Stats
Base Cost: 7
Spirit Type: Bear
Pack Bans: The pack must never harm a bear and must always aid gurahl.
Base Benefits:
All pack members may use the gift Mother's Touch once a day.
All pack members gain a +2 trait bonus to all healing / cleansing challenges.
All pack members may hibernate for up to 3 months.
Additional Benefits:
Bear knows the Healing charm.
Any packmate may lend physical traits or health levels to a fellow packmate upon a successful gnosis challenge against the current gauntlet rating. Failure means the gifting packmate looses the traits or health levels and no benefit is gained by the receiving packmate. The death of the gifting packmate ends the gifting.

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