Name Lilly, Takes The Hard Road, Falls Like Night, Leads The Innocent, Five Finger Discount, West Meets East

Tribe Bone Gnawer

Auspice Ragabash

Rank Athro

Breed Homid

Notable Traits Enchanting Voice and a Friendly Face. She has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Her skin is lily white, and she is always skinny, no matter how much she eats. She always has a white cloth arround her left wrist.

Pack Lilly is a member of Seekers of Unity

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family no known kin, no known family, though she does considder Taki family.
There is whispers of her having a brother hidden away at the Menagerie.

== Rumors ==
Will steal anything not nailed down
is a fox in disguise
once shamed a whole sept
is from Brooklyn
is worth millions of dollars
stole from the president of the united states
has 3 illegitamit children from when she was as young as 13

==OOC Information==

Player Lost Sarah

Location Ontario Canada

Contact info moc.liamg|vaklamesorniuq#moc.liamg|vaklamesorniuq

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