Name Lilith Mia Walker Machado, Cha'waina anaba, Hopes aerial Storm

Tribe Children of Gaia

Auspice Ahroun

Rank Adren

Breed Homid

Notable Traits Wings Massive black leather wings

Homid: 5'4" small and delicate she is normally wearing loose jeans over sized sweater hiking boots and coat right now as it is winter time. she has black hair that stops about mid back when she wears it down. she has green eyes that always watch those around her.
She has blackish leather wings that she got from being to close to a Wyld meteor.


Lupus: Small sleek Black wolf with bright yellow green eyes of an intelligent animal the only mar on her pretty body is a clawed out Get of Fenris tribel glyph. and Wings that match the color of her fur

has the totem Bat
Background cost 5
bat is an unusual totem, and a rare choice— as far as most Garou know, he has fallen entirely into the thrall of the Wyrm. Until recently, this was a very accurate summation; the fall of the Camazotz centuries ago destroyed Bat's sanity, and in his hatred he turned against Gaia so that he could help to destroy the Garou who drove his children to extinction. Recent events in Mexico, however have partially redeemed Bat, ot at least a portion of him. Like the Deity revered ny the Mayan cultures so long ago, Bat now appears to have a dual aspect— in some respects he is still of the Wyrm , but in others he has come back to Gaia. Most garou dont know what to make of this and look on Bat's followers with great suspicion. non seem to be corrupt, but that dose not make them innocent. For their part, Bats children have deep ties to the earth unatched by those of other Garou. they listen to the voices of the Camazotz, and are making a sincere effort to continue the lost brees work. The voice of Gaia sings threw them and they listen to her voice so that they can find her enimies and distory them.

Bat demands that hs children never fight with Gaia's other children including other Gaian garou. even ritualized or honorable combat is forbidden his followers simply need to find other ways to resolve disputes.

Bats children gain Enigmasx3 and may use the Gift ears of the bat once per day for one scene each gains the mental trait Observent and 2 wisdom because Garou still belive that Bat is of the wyrm any who follow bat loose 5 temorary honor and subtract one from any honor renown awards given them

==Information known to the Nation==
Common Knowledge
she was once called Trisha Sanchinni and comes from an abusive relation ship.
she changed her Name when Devan Walker decided to Adopt her has his legal sister. Her new name was given to her buy both Devan and Eve.
She is a fostern and living at the hall
She calls a hand full of people Family.
They are Lynnea as mom, Devan as her big brother, Kyera and Kyrene as her big sisters, Eirich and William as her little brothers.

She Use to spend alot of time with her brother william , and she was known to run with Kyera in lupus to give her a good run and use to be seen playing with Kyera almost play fighting and learning.
She is a very calm young woman that rarily looses her temper . she is protective of those she calls family, and she shows her affection for her family openly and her protectivness as well. She was once half owner in the occult book store with Eve as her partner, until she left the area selling her half to eve.
She is curently Makeing quilts for her her new friends and can be seen sewing in her free time in the main hall.
She has returned from her Rite of passage on the 22nd of december 2007

She gained wings when Hope her self and Lucifer got to close to meteor that fell on the sept in the woods
She left st marys a year and a half ago most of her time no one can really say but its said that she spent 4 months with a corax learning to fly and she left Lucifer some 9 months after leaving the sept and has worked her way north and is now in Leaping stag

she went on an umbra quest and came back with a totem and a husband Named Pacal Machado
Kin / family
HUsband Pacal Machado
Adopted mom Lynnea Olafsdottir

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==
Is of the wyrm
is not garou but somthing else


==OOC Information==


Location Sandpoint Idaho

Contact info moc.liamg|yttiknageM#moc.liamg|yttiknageM or phone if you have my number

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