Koren Farrell

Koren Farrell


Oviculum (Cliath)


Notable Traits

  • Albino
  • Lilac Eyes
  • Soft Spoken
  • Clumsy
  • 4 Appearance Traits


  • None, but can be seen around several different groups at both Septs. She tends to Favor the Fera, Kinfolk, and the Shadow Lords, making a point of avoiding the Get of Fenris as much as possible.

==Information known to the Nation==
Contrary to her delicate appearance, Koren partook in the raising of The Menagerie of Sky's Hope, defending the outside from numerous banes.

It's now rather common knowledge she has a thing for Helmar Elricksson, and was upset to find that he was taken with Brynja. She's showing an aggressiveness none have seen in her before.

She has also approached, and been accepted by Taki, to join The Menagerie of Sky's Hope, so she can teach Django the ropes of being a Corax.

Although she's moved away from the Stag sept, she has been seen about the bawn frequently, in Corvid. Honestly now, how many albino ravens can you find in Alaska?

She often volenteers her services and skills to those who may need them, typically scouting and mapping. She is quick to quote others, and will often times tell the 'truth' as she see's it, dictating to others the exact happenings of a situation, and give her opinion.

After involving herself, by bearing witness to an altercation between Bailey, Bogie, and Zig, Koren managed to annoy the Beta to the point that she was told to leave the sept.

Koren has told Brynja, and others, quiet openly that she has no desire to befriend the Fenrir kinfolk, even if she is to be mated with a close friend of Koren's. Her dislike for the woman seems to stem from something other than Jealousy, as thanks to the gift Truth of Gaia, it's been made known that Koren is not jealous in the least bit.

Kin / family

  • Mother - Coggie Kin in Seattle
  • Father - Coggie Kin in Seattle

Rites and Challenges


  • She speaks of doing a favor for someone in Canada, and her return home is how she ended up in Alaska.
  • She's been charged to look into the Corax Business in the city… which seems to get complicated as she's always trying to help the people at the sept.
  • Defended the Menagerie of Sky's Hope from invading Banes.
  • Educate Django in the Corax ways

== Rumors ==

  • Her and Blake Rose are a thing, which would explain why he's always around when she is.
  • She's totally not a Corax. They're supposed to be chatty. She has to be a mage in disguise.
  • She's a total klutz.
  • She's frequently tired… Blake must be keeping her up at night. (Those of the Menagerie know she suffers from nightmares)4
  • She's spreading rumors and lies about Helmar and his soon to be mate, calling them Litany breakers
  • She's somehow managed to manipulate Helmar into distancing himself from Brynja. He went to speak to her, and came back and told Brynja he needed space… that Corax is a crafty one, she is.
  • Might have Asperger syndrome, as that would explain her craptacular Social skills.
  • She seems to be working in tandem with Kimi Tuwa to ruin Brynja.

Taylor Swift - You Belong To Me


==Koren's Sketch Book==
Page 1. Wolves and Denali Mountains

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