Kimi Snowfeather

Kimi Snowfeather

Player: Nakisha Fox


* Judges the Troubled Heart, Carries the Dark Secrets.

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Uktena

Born: April 22nd 1991

Auspice/Moon: Philadox

Rank: Fostern

Pack: An Síoraí

Titles: Leaping Stag Master of Challenges.


Basic Homid Description:
Kimi is a young woman in her late teens around 5'7 Uktena Purebreed x3, Natural leader, Appearance 5



* Mother currently residing at Watched the Ocean.


Common Knowledge

* She is a member of An Síoraí
* She is Master of Challenges for the Leaping Stag Sept.*



* Is totally obessed with her packmates and their well being.
* Can fly and does so very often.
* Hates the palefaces.
* Collects scalps from her kills.

IC Contact Info

* The Meeting Hall or the Packs Living Area in the dormitories.
* Through any of her packmates.

OOC Information

Player: Nikki Fox

Time Zone: EST

Location: North Carolina

Contact Info:

* E-mail: moc.liamg|eniagnilhsa#moc.liamg|eniagnilhsa

* IRC: Nikkiocc

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